The effects of Covid 19 on Tax.

🚨The Treasury Committee has today launched a new inquiry: Tax After #Coronavirus 🧮 Find out more information on our website below👇 The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 28 August — Treasury Committee (@CommonsTreasury) July 17, 2020 If you are concerned about the effects on your tax and the economy, then please readContinue reading “The effects of Covid 19 on Tax.”

Seems the BBC has a new poster girl …

Why is the BBC saying Begum “lived under ISIS rule” as if it was just some kind of passive coincidental circumstance? “Whoops, I’ve lived under ISIS rule!” — Mark Wallace (@wallaceme) July 16, 2020 The Bias Broadcasting Corporation are already starting to make excuses for the terrorist that is Begum. I can just imagine themContinue reading “Seems the BBC has a new poster girl …”

Arise a Knight When this world seems to be tearing itself apart with pandemics, plagues, humans fighting and mass disorder…how wonderful to see a man awarded a knighthood for his awesome fund raising. Sir Thomas Moore represents that generation who just got on with things, and who served their country and sovereign with honour, and to haveContinue reading “Arise a Knight”

What are the true figures?

This is extraordinary. If it's right (the authors are reputable academics) PHE is recording everyone who dies having had the coronavirus as a Covid fatality – even if they recover and then die of something else. No wonder England's figures look so bad. — Daniel Hannan (@DanielJHannan) July 16, 2020

Disgusting the terrorist can even access Justice, when ISIS denied it to thousands.

Shamima Begum is a traitor. She willingly sided with the enemies of the UK. She joined a movement that slaughtered British people, enslaved women and crucified “infidels”. If she comes back to Britain, she must be tried for treason, says Brendan O’Neill — spiked (@spikedonline) July 16, 2020

Start billing the French

It is ridiculous that we pay the French millions to keep out economic migrants, who have passed safely through the Schengen zone…to then be escorted in to our waters by French ships. We are not Schengen and they should be returned immediately…for everyone that ends up here….bill the French for their incompetence, and force returns.Continue reading “Start billing the French”

Withdrawing the Whip is right….trying to put Grayling in was wrong.

The PM is right to lay the law down as MPs need to know they cannot run amok as they did in the last failed parliament. However, the PM was wrong to try and insert Chris Grayling. Don’t get me wrong he seems a nice chap but he is not called failing Grayling for nothing.Continue reading “Withdrawing the Whip is right….trying to put Grayling in was wrong.”