Time to cancel my standing orders

'A senior Libyan coastguard official told The Mail on Sunday he had evidence that aid agencies were stumping up cash for migrants desperate to reach Europe but who cannot afford to pay ruthless traffickers.' There's nothing charitable about that…https://t.co/LGBVfTqafT — Migration Watch (@MigrationWatch) August 8, 2020 Aid is meant to be used for good….not liningContinue reading “Time to cancel my standing orders”

Journalism under constant attack…

Zimbabwean journalist Hopwell Chin'ono, who's become the primary symbol of persecution under Mnangagwa's rule, has been moved to Chikurubi max-security prison after the courts refused him bail. He's charged with 'inciting public violence' after tweeting about state corruption… pic.twitter.com/uCh4012m7n — John Sparks (@sparkomat) August 8, 2020 Please pray for Hopwell Chi’ono who is slowly butContinue reading “Journalism under constant attack…”

If you are a child living in a deprived area in Scotland..

Journalist just destroyed Sturgeon: “Can you look a young person from those most deprived backgrounds in the eye today and say this system is fair?” This is following the SNP ruining the future of working class kids by lowering their exam results. pic.twitter.com/mwdQkztHps — Mahyar Tousi (@MahyarTousi) August 5, 2020 Don’t expect your dear LeaderContinue reading “If you are a child living in a deprived area in Scotland..”

A fantastic role model

I was homeless and unemployed. But I turned my life around. And I spent 20 years as a youth worker helping others do the same. So I’m not a typical politician. But that’s a good thing. We need a mayor who brings Londoners together See my video for more pic.twitter.com/YT894ZwwTJ — Shaun Bailey (@ShaunBaileyUK) AugustContinue reading “A fantastic role model”

We will never turn away real need….

Former Head of UK Border Force Tony Smith has warned we are heading for a crisis in the English Channel if France and the UK fail to come to an agreement on the immediate return of boats. Let's avoid a total crisis and get this sorted now! — Leave.EU (@LeaveEUOfficial) August 5, 2020 Sadly thoseContinue reading “We will never turn away real need….”

We don’t want virtual signalling….we want action…

THREAD: The number of illegal small boat crossings is appalling and unacceptably high. The figures are shameful. France and other EU states are safe countries. Genuine refugees should claim asylum there, not risk their lives and break the law by coming to the UK. pic.twitter.com/qy2ykYicvl — Priti Patel (@pritipatel) August 7, 2020

Wonder why Starmer doesn’t want voter ID.

The Government’s plans on voter ID risk locking people out of democracy.https://t.co/Y6qmsuQRem — Keir Starmer (@Keir_Starmer) July 29, 2020 Could it be that fraudulent votes tend to be in Labours favour. We know that the postal vote is open to massive fraud and this needs to be stopped. What is there to worry about whenContinue reading “Wonder why Starmer doesn’t want voter ID.”

Alistair Campbell and his self righteous pontificating.

Wrote this for @TweetTheArticle yesterday. In light of what has happened since in the North of England, more relevant. The Spain thing was a distraction from what they knew was coming. All about news management not dealing with the problem https://t.co/fTWNwrMCuM — ALASTAIR CAMPBELL (@campbellclaret) July 31, 2020 I have a huge problem with AlistairContinue reading “Alistair Campbell and his self righteous pontificating.”