This is tantamount to criminal…

This Government needs to tell the Energy Companies that if they put up the fuel to this then they must give a 90% discount to customers, but we are talking about the Head of Ofgem, the Government and the Energy Companies….all useless and not working in the consumers best interest and this is bordering onContinue reading “This is tantamount to criminal…”

There are plenty of people who would take this job….

The people have had to put up with enough and not to have the threat of strikes….this is too much too far. If there is a strike….sack them and replace them with people who will work. The country cannot recover from the pandemic if it is being held to ransom by communists. By the wayContinue reading “There are plenty of people who would take this job….”

Invoice the Chancellor as this is an abuse of taxpayers money.

It seems the Chancellor of the Exchequer has decided to dip his ministerial hands into the taxpayers ATM to fund his PR rescue to the tune of £500,000….yep HALF A MILLION pounds of our money to “repair” his image. The image that he trashed…… Rishi is feeling a bit bruised that he is no longerContinue reading “Invoice the Chancellor as this is an abuse of taxpayers money.”

Time for a change in Australia,

It seems the authoritarianism of Scott Morrison and his almost dictatorial control of Australia has led to him being dumped by the voters. It goes to show you that democracy does work and that politicians need to think about their actions as if you annoy the people they will desert you in droves. Lets seeContinue reading “Time for a change in Australia,”

There is a chance of peace….

If Putin does have blood cancer. This will give the chance for those who realise that Russia needs to stop shelling the innocent people of the Ukraine, and get on board with the rest of the world and look for peace and topple the monster. Russia must pay for the redevelopment of Ukraine but ifContinue reading “There is a chance of peace….”

Truth Ministry suspended

For the untruths from its now discredited and resigned Director. Guess when it’s the real truth the Democrats can’t stand it, but lies….oh yes they are all for mis and disinformation. Hang on…..oh right that’s why it’s suspended….for mis and disinformation. Could only happen on Swampy Joes and Cackling Kamala watch….

Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.

The only way Russia can get out of this mess that Putin has gotten them in is for someone to hand him the mess revolver, and then when he has gone to start to rebuild the relationship with the rest of the world and help Ukraine to rebuild. Otherwise, and we know the economy ofContinue reading “Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.”

Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.

Whilst there are more murders being committed on the streets of London. Maybe it would be better for the actual people of London if he stayed in London doing his job, and trying to sort out the murder rate that is growing, and lets not forget that London is now the murder capital of Europe….ratherContinue reading “Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.”

Politicians are bottom feeders…

They lie, spin, lie, spin and lie again….when they are not watching porn, we have male MPs sending pictures of their penises, and one cabinet minister having loud sex in his office. Not to forget the females getting blind drunk, throwing up and starting fights. Then we have Labour MP Mary Foy having a goContinue reading “Politicians are bottom feeders…”