Never in the field of British History was so much squandered by so few….

The more I see of the Conservative party in power, the more I become convinced that it is time they were voted out and I was one of the millions who voted them in, but they are past its sell by date and are now a dying party clutching at our pensions as straws andContinue reading “Never in the field of British History was so much squandered by so few….”

Corruption from beginning to end….

This witch hunt by the FBI and allowed by a Judge who contributed to Obamas campaign, and every one else who ran again Trump in 2016, this Judge also has links to paedophile Jeffrey absolutely stinks. When it’s corrupt it’s corrupt and this my friends is corruption of the highest degree. I hope theContinue reading “Corruption from beginning to end….”

The Deep State of America….

The Democrats will find one-way or another to stop Donald Trump…..he must get extra security as they will try everything to get rid, and to stop him running. The Democrats are in the dying throws of their new world order…having only lasted 20 months, and they have nothing to lose by Operation Get Trump, andContinue reading “The Deep State of America….”

The US Democratic Party are now the new Nazi Party…..

The FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last night on the false charge of him taking documents from the Whitehouse when he was the 45th President of the United States of America. It can only be assumed that the bias kangaroo court for the 6th January hearings are going badly, and now they are doingContinue reading “The US Democratic Party are now the new Nazi Party…..”

Will someone tell Lord Heseltine to get over Brexit.

You would think Heseltine would stop tantrum throwing and accept the democratic will of the people, but nope there he is on TV endlessly going on about Brexit because of 2 Cabinet Ministers resigning today, but then he is talking to the Bias Broadcasting Corporation or rather the EU Mouthpiece and they all hate BrexitContinue reading “Will someone tell Lord Heseltine to get over Brexit.”

Will we see the resignation of Boris Johnson tonight?

It’s time this sleazy PM resigned as the office of Prime Minister is now in the gutter….and if he won’t go….force him out. Savid Javid has a chance at the leadership, but Sunak….nope he and his Mrs dodged the taxes that were due and he was the Chancellor, and not only that…look at the messContinue reading “Will we see the resignation of Boris Johnson tonight?”

My heart goes out to the 6 victims….

Of the Highland Park Mass shootings in Illinois. To be murdered whilst enjoying the 4th July celebrations is so very very cruel, and my deepest sympathies goes out to all those suffering from this. I have never agreed with the gun culture in the United States of America, and coming from Great Britain I neverContinue reading “My heart goes out to the 6 victims….”