Instead of blogging..

I decided to take a break as it was just reading bad news after more bad news, and to be honest I got so fed up of it that I decided I needed to step back for my mental health, and do you know it worked, and all it took was spending time with myContinue reading “Instead of blogging..”

Time to get in the garden…my little piece of heaven on earth.

Now that the weather is starting to change a little it is time to get out into the garden. Luckily I have Mr Points of Sue to do the majority of work and I just supervise due to being disabled but it does not stop me from making the decisions in the garden. First thingsContinue reading “Time to get in the garden…my little piece of heaven on earth.”

My garden is coming along nicely…

Going to put a rockery area and a pond in the middle…not sure of the flowers around the pond, or indeed what type of fish….any comments will be gratefully received. Am going with roses in the rockery as my darling father loved roses, and through him I gained a love of roses. Going with theContinue reading “My garden is coming along nicely…”