The virtual signalling Bias Broadcasting Corporation

I am fed up at the virtual race baiting from the Bias Broadcasting Corporation and I have to pay for this rubbish. To yet again discriminate against white people is racist and it is also sexist as it is aimed at women too, and ageist as it is aimed at a certain age of women.Continue reading “The virtual signalling Bias Broadcasting Corporation”

This is heartbreaking…the loss of one of the good guys…..

Let this image and what it symbolizes sink in. A wife lost her husband, a toddler will grow up with no memories of his father; the community lost someone willing to suit up and show up despite the hate being spewed because of a career choice and one bad apple has tarnished the public’s viewContinue reading “This is heartbreaking…the loss of one of the good guys…..”

The hypocrite that is Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton in a way bullied his fellow F1 drivers into taking the knee, by telling them if not they are complacent in racism. Thankfully 6 of them ignored him. Here is why he is a hypocrite… 1. He drives a Mercedes car…the same company who during WW2 built parts for the gas ovens, andContinue reading “The hypocrite that is Lewis Hamilton.”

Is Prince Harry right or wrong to sue the Mail on Sunday

I have read with interest about Prince Harry and his wife suing the Mail on Sunday for breaching the Data Protection Act of 2018 for publishing his wife’s letter to her father. I think this is heading for a big no no for the pair of them and could turn the tide of journalism againstContinue reading “Is Prince Harry right or wrong to sue the Mail on Sunday”