The fortunate son calling the Afghan Military cowards was despicable.

I decided to read all the articles regarding the speech from Joe Biden and see what the take up of the Journalists was.  I also watched the speech, and my overall impression was a very wet, weak man who was blaming others for his own failure. No true leader would do that, but then againContinue reading “The fortunate son calling the Afghan Military cowards was despicable.”

There is at least one politician who will fight.

Every catastrophe always brings forward that unique individual who puts the lives and freedoms of others above the safety of their own life. That man is the former Vice President Amrullah Salah, and he is determined to carry on the fight. His sisters were tortured to death by the Taliban. He has no love forContinue reading “There is at least one politician who will fight.”

Who are the UN talking too?? Yep themselves…

The Department for Strongly Worded Letters, useless meetings and speeches otherwise known to us as the United Nations have stuck their oar in to the situation in Afghanistan for the cameras of course…. Listening to countries such as Mexico and Ireland making demands….(don’t remember their armies being in the thick of it…..I maybe wrong butContinue reading “Who are the UN talking too?? Yep themselves…”

America is waking up…

To the fact that Joe Biden is useless and not in control. Even CNN who praised him to the heavens are demanding answers…it took only 7 months for that star to stop shining….. Biden is continuing his holiday without a care in the world, and I have the feeling that the majority are now experiencingContinue reading “America is waking up…”

When a picture says a thousand words…the horror awaiting Afghanistan women…..

Afghans pouring into Kabul and those still in Taliban-held areas say they have witnessed unprovoked attacks on civilians and executions of captured soldiers. In addition, they say, Taliban commanders have demanded that communities turn over unmarried women to become “wives” for their fighters—a form of sexual violence, human-rights groups say. Punished for speaking theirContinue reading “When a picture says a thousand words…the horror awaiting Afghanistan women…..”

Afghanistan has fallen to the terrorists thanks to the Politicians.

The President of Afghanistan has fled the country, and the terrorist organisation known as the Taliban now control the majority of Kabul. I am both surprised and somewhat taken aback that the President has fled and left his countrymen and women to their fate, but then without the backing of the West he knew theContinue reading “Afghanistan has fallen to the terrorists thanks to the Politicians.”

If you ever watch one video…

Then watch this….as it shows you the hell that women and girls will be forced to live under by the terrorists in Afghanistan. The women hating Taliban are going to rape, beat, abuse and murder the poor females until they submit. We gave them hope and snatched it away….its cruel beyond belief…

Written to the Leaders of the Opposition.

I don’t normally write to the Leaders of the Opposition, for instance Sir Ed Davey and Sir Keir Starmer as they don’t speak the same language as I do in terms of politics. I have even written to Nicola Sturgeon in the hope she can get her party to ask the questions regarding Afghanistan. IContinue reading “Written to the Leaders of the Opposition.”

Only 7 miles from Kabul….it is a humanitarian crisis

It has been reported that an advance column of Taliban terrorists are only 7 miles from Kabul. This is not good for those who have escaped the terror that is coming. It seems the creeping evil that the Taliban is determined to rape, murder and terrorise the nation, and it will not be long beforeContinue reading “Only 7 miles from Kabul….it is a humanitarian crisis”