Let down by the NHS and NWA (North West Ambulance)

Friday 29th October 2021 I received a panicked call from my daughter to inform me that my mum was not well.  I dashed to her side to see that my mum was having a stroke. My daughter had rung the Northwest Ambulance Service (NWA), and she was asked to triage my mum over the phone. Continue reading “Let down by the NHS and NWA (North West Ambulance)”

Why the cuts to the poorest if we are supposed to have a booming economy?

The current energy kerfuffle had me thinking with regards to the statements that the Government keeps putting out, and that is as a country we are booming outside of the EU and that Great Britain PLC is open for business. We have had constant reminders of the trade contracts that the now Foreign Secretary LizContinue reading “Why the cuts to the poorest if we are supposed to have a booming economy?”

The Tory Party has hit a low they cannot escape from….

Do you know I never once felt ashamed to have voted Conservative, until now. They have voted to suspend the triple lock for this year, due to what they say would have been an unfair increase. Unfair to who? The pensioners on the old rate of £139.60 or the new rate of £179.60?. Instead ofContinue reading “The Tory Party has hit a low they cannot escape from….”

Is the Chancellor going after the Triple Lock Pension Guarantee?

I read with some growing alarm that the Government and especially the Chancellor are discussing cancelling the Triple Lock Guarantee for Pensioners. This would be disastrous for the Conservatives if they did for many reasons. First of all what is the triple lock? At present, the state pension increases each year in line with theContinue reading “Is the Chancellor going after the Triple Lock Pension Guarantee?”

All hospitals should think of having an EPC…..

Why hospitals should have an Elderly Patients Champion. Having a discussion, the other day I was struck by how the relatives of elderly patients are being treated especially during this Covid period, and it is one that is causing so much upset and problems. One of the things pointed out to me was that 2Continue reading “All hospitals should think of having an EPC…..”

Working with Carers

I was very privileged to train those wonderful people who work with Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents. It never ceases to amaze me how patient, caring and diligent they were, and shame on those employees who put profit first, over paying the carers their worth. I am going to write a paper on the invisible generation,Continue reading “Working with Carers”