Motivational speeches on living with a disability….

Or how I like to address it….not letting your disability define who you are, and restricting the way you want to live.. Am really excited as we are heading towards the end of a very very trying 18 months to finally be able to give speeches on how disability doesn’t define you. This speech willContinue reading “Motivational speeches on living with a disability….”

A plea to watch….

There is an amazing you tube channel called Special Books by Special Kids, and they are really special amazing human beings. These beautiful young people are fighting the cruellest of diseases, and they do so with much grace, laughter and smiles as is humanly possible. I was having a painful day till my friend sentContinue reading “A plea to watch….”

Hidden Disabilities

A comment by one of the readers hit home and left me feeling somewhat annoyed and upset. I commented on the Butler farce explaining first why I don’t drive and that is due to being disabled. I never expected a mocking message back telling me it’s not about my sore leg, and felt quite sadContinue reading “Hidden Disabilities”