The United States of America…soon to be twinned with North Korea…

When it comes to women’s rights… or should I say the lack of women’s rights. THE 26 STATES TO OUTLAW ABORTION NOW THAT ROE V. WADE HAS BEEN FORMALLY OVERTURNED Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio andContinue reading “The United States of America…soon to be twinned with North Korea…”

America is in danger of being dragged back 200 years….

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has overturned Roe v Wade and I am trying not to step too much into the abortion debate as it is something that just triggers people, but what this piece is about is the fact that one of the Supreme Court Justices has now stated thatContinue reading “America is in danger of being dragged back 200 years….”

Labour MPs backing the RMT Strike handed cheques for ┬úthousands from RMT Union…

When you are struggling to get to work because the obnoxious RMT Union and its champagne sipping socialist dinosaurs are holding the country to ransom, just remember that there are Labour MPs who have given the union their support…and all of them recipients of cheques from the Union worth thousands of pounds. (How do theyContinue reading “Labour MPs backing the RMT Strike handed cheques for ┬úthousands from RMT Union…”

Poor Linton-on-Ouse

What on earth did this small village near York do to upset the Government….or someone in the Government to have 1500 male illegal immigrants thrust upon them? They are only a village of 700 mainly retired people with one shop and one pub. This will mean trouble and the villagers will end up being onContinue reading “Poor Linton-on-Ouse”

Rebel Home Office staff…..

Are trying to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda by running out the clock on documents needed for court.. It seems that they have decided as unelected desk jockeys that they are going to make the decisions rather than the Home Secretary. That is dictatorship by unelected individuals who if they do thisContinue reading “Rebel Home Office staff…..”

Reopen the appeal for Johnny Depp in the United Kingdom.

There is a petition that has been started by a gentleman on YouTube who is called the Black Belt Barrister. He is a United Kingdom Barrister and he needs your help…..he wants to reopen the appeal for Johnny Depp. He explains in full what the appeal is about and why it matters with regards toContinue reading “Reopen the appeal for Johnny Depp in the United Kingdom.”

Why is the NHS putting newborn babies at risk for wokeness??

Newborn babies could be harmed by woke NHS-backed guidance that states transwomen can breastfeed experts warned today. Guidance from a charity linked to one of the controversial ‘chestfeeding’ advice pages states biological men who swap sex can stimulate milk supply using the Newman-Goldfarb protocol. WHAT ABSOLOUTE TOSH…..BTW it is called BREASTFEEDING….WOMEN HAVE BREASTS AND WHENContinue reading “Why is the NHS putting newborn babies at risk for wokeness??”

Victory for Johnny Depp…

$15 million Amber Heard has to pay for her defamation with malice to her former husband Johnny Depp, and a huge cheer for a really good bloke who has been dragged through the mud by this woman. Disney and Warner Brothers….start practicing your apologies as the world loves Johnny, and I hope she is replacedContinue reading “Victory for Johnny Depp…”

The Range has an appalling customer service help line…

I needed a couple of things for the garden so decided to order from The Range. I also thought oh whilst I am at it I will order the 88 box of Felix cat food that they were advertising on their website. Paid for next delivery and sure enough the delivery company turned up today.Continue reading “The Range has an appalling customer service help line…”

This has to be the most oppressive law ever….

A male, Governor Kevin Stitt has signed into law a bill that bans you from an abortion at the moment of conception. This has got to be the most ludicrous thing I have read so far, and you can always tell a man is behind the stupidity as a man cannot get pregnant and wouldContinue reading “This has to be the most oppressive law ever….”

Can Her Majesty’s opposition actually get back to the real problems in the UK.

Yesterday was the reveal of Sue Gray’s long awaited inquiry into the so called party gate, and it was nothing more than a damp squib and whilst it is upsetting to the relatives of those who were lost during Covid, it has to go down as the most boring party ever. Egg sandwiches and orangeContinue reading “Can Her Majesty’s opposition actually get back to the real problems in the UK.”

Heard’s experts get odder by the day…

Seems Dr David Spiegel gave his “professional opinion” of Johnny Depp based on Captain Jack Sparrow…..dear god where do they find these people from? He has never spoken to Johnny Depp nor has he had any court ordered therapy but he took his opinion that Johnny is a narcissist based on a pretend character! YouContinue reading “Heard’s experts get odder by the day…”