Another failure of the Zeus stress test….

Bought Zeus a chicken flavoured toy from Home Bargains for £1.79 and it last 5 minutes 42 seconds…. Another failure…..back to the drawing board…

Zeus wins again…another squeaky toy gone.

Another toy bought for Zeus bites the dust. Bought a squeaky toy today from the Food Warehouse for Zeus costing £1.29, and it felt a good weight and thought this should do it….it wasn’t a ball and I thought ooo maybe Wrong…it lasted 6 minutes. So back to the drawing board to find a toyContinue reading “Zeus wins again…another squeaky toy gone.”

Sowerby Bridge…a lovely walk with your dog.

Went to Sowerby Bridge,Upper Calderdale today and I am never disappointed. It has a fantastic path to walk the dogs..and even windy it is still a stunning walk. . It also has a lovely dog friendly cafe where they make hand made sausage rolls, pasties and the most fabulous cake, as well as carb freeContinue reading “Sowerby Bridge…a lovely walk with your dog.”

Hitching a ride.

In 2015, photographer Martin Le-May was walking in one of London’s parks, hoping to show his wife a green woodpecker for the first time. What he captured in the photo probably exceeded his wildest expectations … There was a weasel on the back of the flying woodpecker. Credits : Martin Le-May