Saying goodbye to our wonderful furry friend…

For the last 6 months we were visited daily by an old furry man of 17 years. My granddaughter and I were instantly smitten with him. He turned up daily for a rest, cuddles and snacks during the day and he was carried home in the early evening. He had health issues but his parentsContinue reading “Saying goodbye to our wonderful furry friend…”

One less animal murderer.

Riaan Naude who ran a company called Pro Hunt Africa that specifically organised hunts for murderers to go and butcher beautiful animals as the cowards that they are has been shot dead. The only sympathy I have is for the beautiful animals this odious individual murdered for his sport. It is disgusting and hopefully karmaContinue reading “One less animal murderer.”

The depths of barbarity….

I have read two articles today that reduced me to tears. One concerning a mother and her baby, and one concerning dogs as both are dear to my heart. I like millions of others saw the horrific pictures of a young pregnant mother being carried from the wreckage of a maternity hospital. Her pelvis wasContinue reading “The depths of barbarity….”

A 4 legged hero of the RAF….gets the Dickens VC….

A retired RAF Police dog has received the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross for protecting British and Allied troops in Afghanistan. German short-haired pointer Hertz has been honoured for his life-saving devotion to duty while deployed in 2013. He was the first dog in British military history trained to sniff out mobile phones, voiceContinue reading “A 4 legged hero of the RAF….gets the Dickens VC….”