All hospitals should think of having an EPC…..

Why hospitals should have an Elderly Patients Champion. Having a discussion, the other day I was struck by how the relatives of elderly patients are being treated especially during this Covid period, and it is one that is causing so much upset and problems. One of the things pointed out to me was that 2Continue reading “All hospitals should think of having an EPC…..”

A Physician to TWO former Presidents…

The Doctor to both Barak Obama and Donald Trump has written to Biden to demand a cognitive test. We can all see him declining and yes the Democrats will do everything they can to prevent this, as they know he is not mentally fit to be in the White House and it terrifies the DemocratsContinue reading “A Physician to TWO former Presidents…”

Working with Carers

I was very privileged to train those wonderful people who work with Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents. It never ceases to amaze me how patient, caring and diligent they were, and shame on those employees who put profit first, over paying the carers their worth. I am going to write a paper on the invisible generation,Continue reading “Working with Carers”