Time for a change in Australia,

It seems the authoritarianism of Scott Morrison and his almost dictatorial control of Australia has led to him being dumped by the voters. It goes to show you that democracy does work and that politicians need to think about their actions as if you annoy the people they will desert you in droves.

Lets see if the Mr Albanese can make a better job of dealing with Covid and its after effects.

There is a chance of peace….

If Putin does have blood cancer. This will give the chance for those who realise that Russia needs to stop shelling the innocent people of the Ukraine, and get on board with the rest of the world and look for peace and topple the monster. Russia must pay for the redevelopment of Ukraine but if they cut of the snake at the top and salvage what they have then of course other countries would help, but with the monster in place there is no hope.

Maybe karma has visited the madman in the Kremlin and there is a real chance now…….but he needs to go.

Warner Bros has torpedoed another Amber Heard statement….

I think that Ms Heard will lose her case and will have to look back at the damage to her own reputation and realise that you cannot try to train wreck other’s careers with false claims and not expect karma to come back and bite you. Maybe her Lawyer should just tell her to settle the case and to leave with some dignity intact…..

Team Johnny Depp all the way…

Like a lot of people I have been fascinated by what is going on in Hollywood with regards to the Depp v Heard Trial. I have listened with increasing disbelief at how Johnny Depp has been dragged through the mill in what could only be an increasing desire on behalf of his ex wife to try and destroy his career and the man.

This is the problem we have with people insisting you must believe the woman because she is purely a woman and that all men are evil. There has been no room or even the slightest of space given to the fact that she could have been telling deliberately misleading people with regards to Johnny, and the likes of Disney and Warner Bros were too quick to believe her, and cancel him and they will suffer with regards to box office turnovers.

A lesson here folks….just because the person is a female does not mean she is truthful. The days of vilifying men because they are men has to stop.

Mr Depp has never hid the fact that he drank heavy and partook of drugs and I hope following this he stops both of those and gets on the straight and narrow, but not once have I believed that the man was capable of punching, assaulting or any of the other attack Ms Heard said he did, but I do believe after listening to the taped conversations that she has been more than slap happy with him.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer is outsmarting, out manoeuvring and out playing Ms Heard’s lawyer daily and the rest of the world has now found out that she has not paid out the $7 million to charity that she swore on oath to in a British Court. That’s a case of perjury and she needs to be brought back here and face the judge, but she also told all PR and TV stations that she had indeed paid it out when some 13 months after the divorce and before Mr Depp decided to sue that she hadn’t, and todate she still has not and that the donations had come from Mr Depp himself and Elon Musk paying in her name. She has paid $100,000 out of the $7,000,000 and comically stated that pledging and paying to her were the same thing.

Well I pledge to be a 6ft super model…it won’t happen but I will pledge it anyway.

What I find is that by believing Ms Heard that the #metoo movement is going to make it harder now for real victims of real abuse as people will suffer because of this. .

Ms Heard has even gone as far as to suggest that the FOUR police officers who showed up to the penthouse suite owned by Johnny Depp were not doing their job by not insisting she was a victim of abuse, despite all four stating that she had no injuries. By the way….he owned 5 penthouses in the apartment building and her sister, and her friends all got a room and at the whopping big cost of $0…….dollars in rent. Amazing how many hangers on appear out of this woodwork.

Photographs of her supposed injuries were shown and there are no marks. Mr Depp supposedly hit her in the nose with his fist of which his fingers are adorned with heavy rings, and which she admitted under oath that he is not seen without them and nothing. There were no marks and Ms Heard tried to say that she had her nose broke but the photos show nothing and if you had been punched that hard then you would have black eyes….and a nose the size of your face and no amount of make up will cover that up.

Yet as you see nothing…no swelling….

There was also the time before a premier when he supposedly hurt her back and arms….and funnily enough the pictures taken at the premier with her back on view was left out by her Defence Team, but luckily Johnny Depp’s lawyer had it and she is on fire.

The way Johnny Depp has been dragged through the mud is absolutely disgusting and his ex wife who for some reason was hell bent on his destruction has infact only succeeded in destroying her own career as Johnny Depp has his Hollywood friends and even now Robert Downey Jr is planning a film with Depp staring in it, and she has 4 million people signing for her to be taken out of Aquaman 2. I can foresee the future now and she won’t be in any more.

Ms Heard has admitted hitting Johnny Depp in taped conversations and mocking him that no one would believe him because he is a man, and all of that will now come back to bite her as it has proven one thing…..she is not a very nice lady and because of her actions she should not be in any film that young people go too…..

Johnny Depp needs to look at this as a wake up call and the days of getting that drunk you pass out, or snorting cocaine must be put behind him as he is a role model and loved by so many, and he needs to realise that.

The outpouring of love for him this week has been nothing less than amazing, and I firmly believe that he will win his case and the wrongs caused to him will be put right. This will be an expensive lesson for Ms Heard but you cannot accuse someone of abuse when you yourself has had form for the same thing. There are no pictures of these injuries she states, and I just feel that this is nothing more than a toxic marriage that went even more toxic, and where she hates the fact that he is a star and will be a bigger star once again…. after all look at the stars and people supporting him.

I just feel really sorry for Johnny Depp that he has had to go through this but he is doing so in good grace, and is even buying breakfast for all those who turn up at the court case to show support, and shakes hands with everyone and thanks them entering and leaving, and you cannot force that sort of personality…that is who he is.

When he comes back bigger and stronger then Warner Bros and Disney will have to eat a lot of humble pie, as Depp fans are in their millions and it will cost them at the box office. I know that Aquaman 2 is going to be a great film and the fact that she has had her role downgraded to less than 10 minutes means there is no repeat role for her in the next one.

Maybe the best thing she can do is go and live a quiet live with her daughter away from the Hollywood set as lets face it, they won’t welcome her and she will struggle to work but maybe a time away, staying of the drugs and just being a mother might calm her down but I can guarantee one thing….she will remain single as who would want to go through the same thing Johnny Depp has.

It is also time to stop demonising men as this proves that women can be just as toxic and the label that we should only believe women is wrong, and we should not judge until the truth comes out as there are lot of people who believed her and who are going to look really stupid now.

Someone slipped up and showed her lies…..

Truth Ministry suspended

For the untruths from its now discredited and resigned Director. Guess when it’s the real truth the Democrats can’t stand it, but lies….oh yes they are all for mis and disinformation. Hang on…..oh right that’s why it’s suspended….for mis and disinformation.

Could only happen on Swampy Joes and Cackling Kamala watch….

They have so far survived Zeus….

Today is my boys birthday….my furry boy Zeus is 6 and of course he had to have presents, although Mr Points of Sue did point out he gets presents every day….but today is special.

Anyway I bought him a squeaky fish for £4.99 and a ball for £4.99 as well as his favourite chews and he was given them 3 hours ago, and the toys are still intact and have survived the Zeus Stress Test.

These are available from Pets Corner in Latchford and are great toys for a pets birthday present.

Happy birthday Zeus…love you mum. Xxx

Mrs Obama its spelt WOMEN…

Not only is the former Presidents wife trying to erase the term…WOMAN or WOMEN, but the irony is lost on her being a woman, and being the mother of two women as I am 100% certain Barak didn’t carry them, and this conversation is concerning Roe V Wade in respect of WOMEN and pregnancies.

The same rights to your body as a WOMAN with regards to whether you keep a baby or not is lost on a party who forced people to get the vaccination or lose their job, and who were forcing pregnant women to do it as well.

I am however really shocked that someone of a supposedly high intelligence cannot pass Biology 101, and that its only biological women who can get pregnant, and therefore those same biological women make the decision to end a pregnancy…..

You would think stating the obvious would be the norm for these people, but it is lost on them and all for a virtual signalling platform .

Consultation on Breast Screening Services across Warrington, Halton, St Helens and Knowsley.


Proposal to consolidate Warrington Breast Screening Services at Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre

 The Breast Screening Service

Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHSFT (WHHNHS) is the lead provider for the Warrington, Halton, St. Helens and Knowsley Breast Screening and Assessment Service (WHSKBSS).

WHSKBSS provides routine breast screening, diagnostic and onward referral services to a population of approximately 92,000 from across the four boroughs and women called for screening are able to select any one of the services offered across the four boroughs for their screening appointment. 

Routine Breast Screening is offered every three years to all women aged 50 – 70 (up to their 71st birthday)).  Women over the age of 70 able to self-refer for screening if they choose to do so.  

For clarity, Breast Screening refers to the three-yearly mammograms offered as part of the national programme to identify and treat breast cancers earlier.  

Where is screening currently offered?

In 2019/20 the service invited over 28,000 people for screening and performed a mammogram on around 22,000. The WHSKBSS service is currently provided from the following locations, and women may choose any of these locations to have their mammograms:

  • Warrington: Kendrick Wing, Warrington Hospital and Bath St. Health & Wellbeing Centre
  • Halton Hospital – Breast Centre, Captain Sir Tom Moore Building
  • St Helens Hospital – Burney Breast Clinic
  • Mobile Breast Screening Unit which rotates around areas  for patients registered with GP practices in the service area

Screening is offered to all women aged 50 – 70 (up to their 71st birthday) and the location of screening is organised according to where you live or by your GP practice, although women may choose any of these locations.

What are we proposing?

We have already completed a major reconfiguration of breast services across Warrington, Halton, St Helen’s and Knowsley, this saw the breast screening assessment and the symptomatic clinics relocate to the new Breast Centre at Halton Hospital and the breast screening service relocate from the Delamere Centre across the Halton site to the Breast Centre.

This proposal is the final part of this reconfiguration and seeks to consolidate breast screening services in Warrington to a single site at Bath St. Health and Wellbeing Centre Warrington.  This would mean that screening would no longer be offered at Kendrick Wing at the hospital.

This service change requires that we consult service users and wider staff and public. A link to a questionnaire is provided below.

The consultation will close on Monday June 20th.

About Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre

Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre is located on Legh Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1UG. 

It offers:
•    A bright, modern environment for patients, located less than one mile from the hospital
•    Free parking for up to 90 minutes for patients with appointments 
•    A town centre location with excellent access to public transport links – including Warrington bus interchange and Warrington Central and Bank Quay train stations 
•    Easier access for those with mobility needs or disabilities  
•    A short walk to the Breast Screening Clinic from the car park at Bath st.

Why are we proposing this consolidation (bringing together) of services?

During the first phase of reconfiguration of breast screening services for the four boroughs, and in the associated formal public consultation (which closed in June 2021), numerous issues were identified relating to the service at Kendrick Wing.  These were:
•    Aged, inaccessible estate offering a poor patient experience
•    Lack of available space elsewhere on the hospital site to relocate the service
•    Constantly unreliable elevator access to the first-floor screening centre
•    Parking issues relating to the highly congested hospital site

In addition, there are challenges relating to the operation of a two-centre service in Warrington including:
•    The current multi-site nature of the screening service and split-site nature of the assessment service creates inefficiencies in use of estate, equipment and workforce
•    The workforce challenges are significant with a local and national shortage of Breast Radiologists and Mammographers making recruitment into crucial posts challenging.

Improving the experience of service users – and staff

There are real opportunities to create a significantly enhanced patient experience and improve access, as well as creating a more efficient service which would support the long-term sustainability of the service through consolidation in a modern, superior location. 

Bath St Health and Wellbeing Centre is circa 1mile from the existing Kendrick Wing site and has easily accessible, plentiful car parking spaces and parking is free for 90 minutes for those with an appointment (£2.50 at Warrington Hospital).  It is closer to the public transport interchange in Warrington town centre thank Kendrick Wing.

There is a local and national shortage of Mammographers making recruitment into crucial posts challenging. Current staff will relocate with their service, there is no intention to decrease staffing levels and no member of staff will be disadvantaged by this relocation. The breast screening administration service will not relocate.

The vacated service space at Warrington Hospital will be refurbished for use by the WHSKBSS administration team and any additional space reallocated for other non-clinical services.

What we need from you.

Please take a moment to read about the proposals and then complete the short questionnaire to share your views and make any suggestions you feel would help us improve breast screening services for women in Warrington, Halton, St Helens and Knowsley.  You can take part on-line or on paper or provide your feedback verbally.

We welcome your responses using the questionnaire below. Please submit before the consultation closes Monday 20th June.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you asking people to consider as part of this consultation?

We are asking people to provide their views on a proposal to consolidate breast screening services onto a single site.

This would see all breast screening appointments in Warrington provided in an expanded and improved facility at Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre. Breast Screening appointments would no longer be offered at Kendrick Wing, Warrington Hospital.

Breast Screening services at St Helens, Halton and Knowsley are not affected.

The Mobile Screening Unit service is unchanged by these proposals.

Will this stop services being delivered in other locations as part of the service?

The proposal will see breast screening appointments stop at Kendrick Wing, Warrington and instead will be offered at Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre as well as the choice to have screening at Halton, St Helen’s and Knowsley.

Will this mean a reduction in the number of screening appointments available?

No, in fact bringing the two screening services together will enable us to expand and develop the service to offer more screening appointments.    
Will the frequency of services and clinics be reduced?

No. The frequency of services and clinics will not be impacted by these changes. It is just a change of location.  

Will people still be able to access the mobile Breast Screening units? 

Yes. The mobile screening service remains unchanged by these proposals. Women will still be able to choose any of the WHSKBSS screening locations to attend for their screening appointment.

How far will services be moving?

Bath Street is located approximately 0.9miles from Warrington hospital.

Will different staff be providing these services?

No. The provision of services will continue to be carried out by the existing team. Staff currently based at Kendrick Wing will relocate with their service and already support the service delivered at Bath Street Health.

Will this affect staffing levels?

No staff are at risk from this proposal and, as staff already provide screening services at Bath Street, they will not be disadvantaged by this relocation proposal. In fact, we believe that this proposal will provide an improved working environment for all mammographers and has the potential to aid recruitment and retention of staff.

Why can’t screening services remain at Kendrick Wing?

The number of patients screened each year by the service has doubled during the last 20 years, however, there is no obvious room for expansion on the first floor of Warrington Hospital’s Kendrick Wing. 

The building is old and has deteriorated over the years. The first-floor accommodation can only be accessed by a steep staircase and a small lift with frequent service issues. In short, it cannot offer the standard of service we are aspiring to and which is offered at other locations including the new Breast Care Centre in Halton.

Bath Street does have room for expansion of the service and as a much more modern building offers a more accessible and better standard of accommodation for the service and an improved environment for patients and staff.

Will it be more costly to deliver services from Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre?

A key consideration of all service change proposals must be to provide the best possible experience for patients whilst ensuring value for money for the NHS and patients / users of all services involved. Delivering all Warrington screening appointments at Bath Street will maximise our use of this modern health facility and combine mammographers on one site which will help service continuity.

How can I get involved in this consultation?

The questionnaire provides members of the public with an opportunity to:
•    Provide feedback 
•    Ask Questions
•    Make your own suggestions

We are asking people to share their views and suggestions during the consultation period between 6th May 2022 and 20th June 2022 by completing this short online questionnaire.
Alternative formats of the questionnaire are available on request. 

Other ways to get involved

We will be visiting clinic locations during the consultation period to provide an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback 
We will also be delivering a virtual presentation on Microsoft Teams on Thursday 19th May at 2pm which will be delivered by service leaders and project leads. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions in the chat.

To join the session please use this link.

If you would like someone to explain these proposals in more detail during the consultation period please get in touch at whh.engagement@nhs.net or 01925 662114 / 01925 665981.

The views and opinions collected will then be used to shape our plans. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. 

A fitting tribute to a much loved Monarch.

I watched the Jubilee Gallop through time last night on TV and I absolutely loved it and was blown away by how professional all those who took part were. I even managed to persuade Mr Points of Sue to watch it because as I explained this is something we will never see again and everything Her Majesty does now is history, we are watching true history being made and I don’t want to miss any of it.

It was an evening to show our love and appreciation to the one person who has been constant, and that is HM The Queen. Her Majesty was joined by her youngest son HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex and it was actually good to see him out with his mother for a night dedicated to her.

HM the Queen looking resplendent as always.

It was called a gallop through time and we saw the likes of Dame Helen Mirren dressed as the first Queen Elizabeth, and progressed through 500 years of Regal History and how our history is shaped by our Monarchs and how fitting as we are living and breathing the 2nd Elizabethan age. This history I will not see again in my lifetime and as Alan Titchmarch put is quite perfectly…she is the heartbeat of this nation.

There is a realisation that HM The Queen has been around for some 20% of that 500 year history and that is an achievement in itself. Imagine the history that this very special lady has seen and what great strides we have taken in her lifetime.

The show was brilliant and there was some criticism of Tom Cruise being there, but why not? He adores the Queen you can see that and his admiration of the Kings Troop RHA was captured in his smile…it was ear to ear, and how refreshing that someone who has no affiliation to this country can belt out God Save The Queen with the best of them. Hollywood Royalty met British Royalty.

Tom Cruise introduced what he said was ‘one of the most enthralling, thrilling, heart-in-mouth displays’ as he announced a performance by The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery

There was entertainment from countries who just wanted to be part of a unique tribute and each and everyone of them was brilliant in their own right. Even the Top Secret Band Corp who did a drum off with the Drummers of HM Royal Marines.

Performers from Azerbaijan perform during the A Gallop Through History Platinum Jubilee celebration at the Royal Windsor Horse Show
Police Band from Trinidad and Tobago
The Royal Cavalry of Oman performs at A Gallop Through History, part of the the British queen’s platinum jubilee celebration at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. All photos: PA

There was a wonderful tribute from Lady Louise Windsor to her beloved Grandmother when she came in in the carriage left to her by her much missed Grandfather HRH The Prince Phillip. The Queen must of been so proud to watch her Granddaughter take up the sport that her husband had, and it must of also been so sad to see the carriage without him at the reigns and brought tears to her eyes.

The whole evening was just a celebration and a thank you to a truly remarkable woman whose smile lights up a room, and considering the state of our politics and politicians I am glad that the Queen, the boss, the gaffer is there to show Great Britain at its best on the world stage, but here is an idea for those men in grey suits at the palace.

Why not ask for Commonwealth countries to actually take turns guarding Buckingham Palace? Can you imagine the outpouring of love in those countries who see their men and women standing guard over their Head of State? It will show that we are together as one and take for instance Trinidad and Tobago a unit of their military standing guard at the Palace will not only be a great PR coup but will also bring them closer to the Royal Family, and bring us all closer to each other.

In these days when our own military is pushed to the limit why not give the Commonwealth that prestigious guard? They will protect Her Majesty and the Royal Family with such pride and having watched mounted soldiers from Bahrain escort her out of the arena along with RCMP….why not? They would be just as professional as our own military.

All in all it was a spectacular night and one well worth watching and one where I am convinced that my suggestion of asking the Commonwealth service personnel to protect their Monarch is too good an opportunity to miss, and one that would bring the Commonwealth to the forefront of this very special milestone and beyond.

God Save The Queen and may she continue her reign over her people.

Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.

The only way Russia can get out of this mess that Putin has gotten them in is for someone to hand him the mess revolver, and then when he has gone to start to rebuild the relationship with the rest of the world and help Ukraine to rebuild. Otherwise, and we know the economy of Russia has tanked back to the 70s….the Russian people will suffer and starve….and we know that all Despots in Russia has starved millions of their own people throughout history but you would have thought that they would be past that, and Putin will be remembered along with the likes of Stalin who thought the starvation of 25 million was worth it for Communism.

Russia has to get away from the Despotic man in charge and find someone who wants to enhance Russia in an economic way, and to get away from the bombastic peddlers of death they have….especially when you realise Putin has a Billion pound mansion and a half a billion pound yacht and that is only the start….follow the money and you will see why Russians are starving.

The people of Russia need to realise that this is your money that Putin and his cronies are stealing and the only way to find a way for Russia is to have a regime chance from within.

I am fully backing Calvin…

We are also seeing that stupidity has taken over others when they are spouting that men have abortions too. Guess they didn’t pass Human Biology Lesson 1……

Dear Lord save us from the ignorant stupid people who are trying to cancel women and lets get back to normality and put the woke stupidity to bed at last as I don’t know about you readers, but I am so bored with this woke ideology and it is long past its sell by date and time to get rid.

Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.

Whilst there are more murders being committed on the streets of London. Maybe it would be better for the actual people of London if he stayed in London doing his job, and trying to sort out the murder rate that is growing, and lets not forget that London is now the murder capital of Europe….rather than waltzing round wokeville spinning his lies.

Instead of complaining about the “supposed racism” in tweets he received regarding Donald Trump, (and lets not forget he insulted a Head of State with his bimp on a visit where President Trump was representing WW2 Veterans, and therefore he insulted WW2 Veterans and that is what really peed people off) maybe Khan should actually meet the relatives of those who have been knifed, mugged and assaulted….you know doing his job.

Another freebie that the taxpayers are having to pay out for and like him….what a waste of money.

BTW note to Khan and his idiotic statement that he will make marijuana legal in the United Kingdom………..You do not have the legal authority to decide the drug policy for the UK or London as you are mere mayor and not a Government Minister, and even getting Lord Falconer to head up your imaginary unit….. it still has no authority and therefore a waste yet again of taxpayers money as no doubt the expenses will be very generous to those taking part.

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