Victory for Johnny Depp…

$15 million Amber Heard has to pay for her defamation with malice to her former husband Johnny Depp, and a huge cheer for a really good bloke who has been dragged through the mud by this woman.

Disney and Warner Brothers….start practicing your apologies as the world loves Johnny, and I hope she is replaced in Aquaman 2 otherwise it will bomb as no one wants to watch Ms Heard. Hope she has the 7 million for the charities, and the 15 million for Mr Depp.

Am absolutely delighted ..

The Range has an appalling customer service help line…

I needed a couple of things for the garden so decided to order from The Range. I also thought oh whilst I am at it I will order the 88 box of Felix cat food that they were advertising on their website. Paid for next delivery and sure enough the delivery company turned up today.

That was when the disappointment came.

The box was damaged and open and strange enough the delivery driver did not take a photo of the delivery this time as normal, and then Mr Points of Sue brought it in and the box contained only a box of 44 sachets. It did contain the baskets I wanted and I thought not a problem I will ring the helpline…

Big mistake.

The first time of ringing the helpline and pressing the right number for what I needed….and then….surprise surprise it rang and rang and rang. 45 minutes of ringing and no one answering….. I have worked in customer service and know exactly when you have been put on hold again as you can hear the click and off you go round and round the loop with not one staff member prepared to own a complaint the customer might have.

Mr Points of Sue suggested contacting their help on line service and I filled it in and nothing. It is supposed to be a live helpline and that just brought up a list of automated questions and no one on the other end. By this time I was getting really annoyed at the lack of care towards their customers.

So, decided to try again and rang the help number and pressed 2 to cancel the order and got through in a heartbeat. Explained to the lady what the issue was and I am always polite as being angry gets you nowhere, then I was passed to another customer service lady so had to explain to her what had happened, and then surprise surprise I was put on the loop of never ending phone ringing and nobody picking up the phone. That is a really dishonest way to treat customers and should never be allowed.

Over an hour I was on the phone and nobody answered with regards to my query and it is an appalling way to treat your customers, especially as I have ordered quite a considerable amount of items from The Range. It seems that once they have your money they are not bothered if you have a complaint or not.

I taught customer service in my early days and will give the range a Minus 10 for their attitude towards customers. It has now put me off ordering from them again as your issue will not be dealt with at all and I would suggest that whoever has trained their customer service department did not do a good job at all as they just don’t care, and they need to go back to basics. Contact me…I will train the staff for the hell of it as it has irritated me beyond belief.

It is bad manners, bad business and very poor concern for any issue their customer might have and the attitude needs to change.

The slaughter of the innocent….

The Texas shooting shocked the world as pictures of the victims came out and they were mainly babies between 8 and 11. It must be heartbreaking for the parents and all they did was put their child into school as millions around the world do everyday. As a mother and a grandmother I cannot believe that this is still happening and nothing is being done to curb gun violence in the United States.

It needs a brave person who will step out of their comfort zone in politics or the Judicial to start lobbying for gun control and to try and stop this happening, but nobody is brave enough to do that as all the politicians do is endless salad words and then filibuster to stop any changes.

There is no gun control in the States and I don’t care that it is set in stone. These rights were drawn up when the USA was a young country and where everyone had a gun for safety and to be honest I cannot imagine the founding fathers ever thought that some nut job with guns would walk into any school and murder so many children. It is time for a change otherwise hundreds more children will die and the word salad will continue with nothing ever been done. Children are not sacrificial lambs but rather they are the future of any country and to take that away demands justice.

Fourth grader Alithia Ramirez (left) was confirmed dead early Wednesday by her father, Ryan. Jaliah Nicole Silguero was also confirmed as one of the victims early Wednesday, with her mother Veronica Luevanos sharing a memorial post
Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, who appears to be Jaliah’s cousin based on posts shared by the family, was confirmed as one of the dead Wednesday by his aunt. ‘Still can’t believe that we’re never gonna see you again,’ she wrote on Facebook
Amerie Jo Garza (right) was confirmed dead by her father Angel Garza (left), who said: ‘My little love is now flying high with the angels above’
The family of Uziyah Garcia, 8, said he was killed in the shooting hours after announcing he was among the missing
Makenna Lee Elrod, 10, was confirmed dead by a family friend late Tuesday night
Xavier Lopez
Eliahana Torres, 10, was also confirmed dead on Facebook
Steven Garcia and Jennifer Lugo confirmed their daughter, Ellie, was killed in Tuesday’s massacre after she had been missing for several hours

Nevaeh Bravo
Annabelle Guadalupe Rodriguez
Rogelio Torres is among the dead
Fourth-grader Tess Marie Mata was named by her sister, who described her younger sibling as a ‘precious angel’
Miranda Mathis, 11, was also confirmed as another casualty from the mass shooting early Wednesday, in a Facebook post by an older cousin who earlier that day had posted a desperate plea for help in locating the child
Alexandria Aniyah Rubio – who was better known to friends as ‘Lexi’ – was confirmed dead just before midnight on Tuesday
Maite was another student to die in the attack that had attended the honor roll ceremony just hours before.
Jose Flores, 10, was also killed in the shooting hours after attending the honor roll ceremony, where he was pictured clutching his certificate (above)
Irma Garcia, a fourth grade teacher and 23-year veteran of Robb Elementary, was killed on Tuesday
Eva Mireles, who for five years was the co-teacher with Irma Garcia, was one of two teachers shot and killed at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday

This has to be the most oppressive law ever….

A male, Governor Kevin Stitt has signed into law a bill that bans you from an abortion at the moment of conception. This has got to be the most ludicrous thing I have read so far, and you can always tell a man is behind the stupidity as a man cannot get pregnant and would never know the pain of what this will do to women.

This is forcing women who have been raped or subject to incest having to carry their abusers baby and that is wrong on every level. This gives that monster a hold over the woman and to most women the thought of giving a child away is heartbreaking, but can you imagine being forced to carry something you did not want nor asked for. Doing this will see a rise in child deaths and children being abandoned to the care of CPS and that is a lost generation.

I am all for putting a time limit on abortions as it is not right that a woman can abort a child right up to the day of its birth, and a baby can survive outside of the womb and survive at 23 weeks. There needs to be a set limit but to do so the minute of fertilization is ridiculous, and it is the most misogynistic thing I have ever read.

A man cannot understand the heartache it will take for a woman to go through an abortion but it is her choice. Biological women must have total control over their bodies and I will not change my stance on that but there also has to be a time for men to butt out and this is one of them.

This will force back street abortions placing the women at risk, and this Governor is also putting the mental health at risk of a woman who has been subjected to rape or incest but I don’t think he cares. He is on a power trip for re-election. There is also the question about men who skip out on the mother from the moment she tells him that she is pregnant. What about bringing a law in that from the moment of conception that the male is responsible for the full costs of everything the mother goes through. The medical appointments, the clothing, the purchasing of the equipment the baby needs and its needs through everyday life until 18!!

This will of course not be brought into law as it is just a man punishing women for their own electoral needs, and the first time a woman dies having to use a back street abortion clinic then this Governor and all the others responsible for this ludicrous law should be indicted for murder, as this will happen and they cannot sign something so restrictive into law without consequences for them.

Can Her Majesty’s opposition actually get back to the real problems in the UK.

Yesterday was the reveal of Sue Gray’s long awaited inquiry into the so called party gate, and it was nothing more than a damp squib and whilst it is upsetting to the relatives of those who were lost during Covid, it has to go down as the most boring party ever. Egg sandwiches and orange juice instead of ordering 30 curries and drinking beer as the Leader of the Opposition did!!!

They are all a bunch of hypocrites as there cannot be that many MPs who did not break the law with regards to lockdown, and whilst it needed to be discussed it does not need the amount of time it is taking up. There are more urgent issues affecting today and tomorrow.

Surely the opposition in Parliament should be discussing the rise in energy prices, the rise in food prices, the rise in the fuel for your car and the war in Ukraine as that is what people are concerned with right now. Those on a low income are worried about being able to eat or heat this winter and it seems to Her Majesty’s Opposition that trying to drag up parties is more important than anything else.

Lets not forget the RMT is going to strike meaning that people will be unable to get to work, or make alternative arrangements and that could have a knock on effect on the trains as if you can get there without using a train then you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by avoiding them. Own goal then for the RMT thuggish union who will see hundreds of their members sacked. Oh dear what will the top 3 communists do then when the members money slows down……cut down on their socialist champagne I guess.

Not a word from Starmer on this either but instead endlessly trying to bring up something that happened and the world has moved on.

If Starmer cannot condemn the RMT union for holding the country to ransom, nor take on the energy companies for holding the people to ransom nor lobbying for a fall in fuel prices for the car, then you have to ask yourself just what is the Labour Party for other than making snide remarks.

The Speaker of the House Sir Lindsey Hoyle who I admire very much needs to stop precious Parliamentary time being used up for something that has happened, been and gone and instead force those in Opposition to discuss the things that affect us now and will continue to affect us in the future as deaths from cold and starvation are coming, and Starmer and the Labour Party well they will still be trying to bring up Party gate even when it is no longer relevant.

Time to move on and deal with the real issues or else this country will be going to rack and ruin and like the Government, Her Majesty’s opposition will be guilty in the court of public opinion for doing nothing else but moaning and breaking the law themselves.

Real issues for real problems and for the people is needed now not some attempt to ignore everything else, as this is what Starmer is doing as whilst he does this he will not be making a statement on the RMT Communist run Union and that is what he wants. He is fence sitting again whilst those unions who pay him and the Labour party are running amok , but I guess that doing nothing is what he always does…and hoping that news is buried so he does not have to upset his pay masters.

Heard’s experts get odder by the day…

Seems Dr David Spiegel gave his “professional opinion” of Johnny Depp based on Captain Jack Sparrow…..dear god where do they find these people from?

He has never spoken to Johnny Depp nor has he had any court ordered therapy but he took his opinion that Johnny is a narcissist based on a pretend character! You couldn’t make this up and welcome to Hollyweird.

Guess he won’t be working again!

Kissinger…wants to give away parts of the Ukraine to his pal Putin.

Henry Kissinger who should have been put out to pastures a long time ago is now saying that we should let Putin, the aggressor have parts of Ukraine just to keep him happy and to stop the defeat of Russia. Yet, the President of the United States…old Swampy Joe is on about sending troops to Taiwan. Surely under the Kissinger rule America should let China have Taiwan…..

Wonder if he would be saying the same thing if it was Alaska that Putin had invaded. Kissinger should have been barred from politics and political interference a long time ago. The fact that he was with Nixon and all the crooked goings on there says more about Kissinger than it does about Putin.

Mr Kissinger sometimes it is better to say nothing and look stupid than to open your mouth and show the world that you are stupid, as if you give in to a bully now then what would stop Putin trying again in 10 years. Funny how he didn’t think this when the Americans were in Vietnam.

He needs to just put his feet up, read a book and keep his stupidity to himself.

This is tantamount to criminal…

This Government needs to tell the Energy Companies that if they put up the fuel to this then they must give a 90% discount to customers, but we are talking about the Head of Ofgem, the Government and the Energy Companies….all useless and not working in the consumers best interest and this is bordering on criminal behaviour.

The first people who die because of hyperthermia or starvation because they had to heat and not eat…..charge all of them with manslaughter as its because of them….this will happen.

Johnny Depp is innocent……

I will never believe in a million years that a man who everybody says is a wonderful, loving, polite, cheerful and awesome guy is guilty of what his ex wife of 15 months with a history of slapping an ex partner says. Justice for Johnny Depp.

Love this guy… and this is Johnny Depp speaking to fans after the case will be found in his favour… and Disney and Warner Bros need to take a step back and realise how much the films will bomb without Johnny in it……

There are plenty of people who would take this job….

The people have had to put up with enough and not to have the threat of strikes….this is too much too far. If there is a strike….sack them and replace them with people who will work. The country cannot recover from the pandemic if it is being held to ransom by communists.

By the way whilst the workers strike and get nothing the Union Barons still get paid handsomely, so be careful for what you strike for as they will still get their money, their perks and their expenses and you will end up with food handouts and no sympathy as the country will not be with you.

Rail union bosses who today brought London’s tube network to a standstill rake in a combined total of £327,427 in salary and benefits a year – including a car. Around 10,000 members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) today walked out for 24 hours – and will do it again on Thursday – in a row over jobs, pensions and conditions. Their bosses are unlikely to feel the pinch of having to shell out on expensive taxis felt by some Londoners today, thanks to their high pay and an RMT-subsidised car.


Just take that in…..

General Secretary Mick Lynch – who once sighed ‘All I want from life is a bit of socialism’ – collects a salary and benefits package worth £163,468

Also, lets not forget that at least two them are communist party supporters and earning a fortune. Life is great eh comrades!!

RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley poses in a Soviet-style soldier’s hat with an assault rifle

His Senior Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley is on a £62,664 gross salary, with Employers’ NI contributions of £7,823 and pension contributions of £21,793 and a car benefit of £1,712 – giving him a £93,992 bundle.

And the final of the three is Eddie Dempsey, the RMT’s Assistant General Secretary.

T official Eddie Dempsey visiting Alexander Mozgovoy, a nationalist, misogynistic paramilitary leader in the pro-Russian militias during the war in eastern Ukraine

Dempsey gets no car but is on a package worth £108,549. It breaks down to £78,282 of gross salary, Employers’ NI contributions of £9,978 with pension contributions of £20,289.

If the people want to take back control then demand the sacking of those who strike as this is already a well paid role, and there will be so many who will work and be happy to work. Don’t be held hostage by well paid champagne loving socialists and communists who just line their own pocket.

Invoice the Chancellor as this is an abuse of taxpayers money.

It seems the Chancellor of the Exchequer has decided to dip his ministerial hands into the taxpayers ATM to fund his PR rescue to the tune of £500,000….yep HALF A MILLION pounds of our money to “repair” his image. The image that he trashed……

Rishi is feeling a bit bruised that he is no longer the darling of the Conservative Party, and is no longer toasted as a great Chancellor because he is seen to be mean with the taxpayers money for those who need it. Refusing to help those on the poverty level including stripping the £20 a week uplift for those on Universal Credit and refusing to do very little in the wake of increasing energy prices, increasing food prices and the economy stepping back 40 years…..He has decided that its not he who is at fault…but rather the message and that by spending the HALF A MILLION POUNDS on PR we will all grow to love him. Well that went South when we found out that his wife was not paying the right taxes due to not registering to live here. 93 days was all she was entitled to stay on the visa…. amazing how the mega rich can just get round the laws with a quick payment of very little in her case.

He and his wife whilst living here have done so in a tax payer funded flat, with tax payer funded expenses including all travel, tax payer funded police and the taxpayer paying his wages. Definitely a case that tax is for the voters and not him, and that has cost us hundreds of millions in lost taxes by them using the avoidance scheme Yet, away he goes to the taxpayer ATM for what he wants.

There is no love for the Chancellor and there is no Prime Minister role for Rishi in the future, and there is no taking over the Conservative Party as he has tanked and is the bottom of the list now as it seems no one likes him. However, surely a man who has a family wealth of £730 million pounds and in the top rich list could pay for his own vanity project rather than spending yet more of our money on useless projects, and the Chancellor is a useless project. He spent nearly £500,000 on a new swimming pool at his country estate…so he likes to spend his money on jollies, but it seems he likes to spend ours when trying to pull the wool over the voters eyes.

Time to change the deck chairs on HMS Titanic Conservative Government and dump one of the biggest liabilities…the Chancellor.

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