Racial Abuse

Ashley Young latest player to be racially abused after Man United loss https://mol.im/a/6931105 via http://dailym.ai/android

It’s not right and the people who do this are disgusting. Manchester United were just beaten by a better team in the day, and to call someone those horrid names are besmirching the beautiful game.

Game of Thrones

Wow, wow and wow and this is the first episode of the last series. I am officially hooked and Iain Glen (Jonah Mormont) is my favourite character. He is a tortured soul but the best baddy for me is Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister (she is wonderfully evil). This final chapter promises everything we have come to expect from this awesome journey.

Legal aid for terrorists!

In my opinion they should stay where they are and rot, but we have to be seen to be above their barbaric ways and lets hope that the law comes down on the right side, and Shamima Begum and the others with her in the camp at Syria are refused legal, financial and humanitarian aid…..as lets face it, if she was on the winning side would she be so merciful? I think not.

The PM – Once a Remainer, always a Remainer

We are living in extraordinary times not only because of a political fight between the Majority and Parliament, but also because we have a Prime Minister who despite her dreadful solution to Brexit being thrown out numerous times, is still convinced that her way is the only way to deliver Brexit. We all know it is Brexit in name only and that having a Remain PM would cause issues from day one, but it seems again she listens to the minority in her cabinet, and goes cap in hand to the EU…..which is shameful and humiliating.

The Conservative party know they have to replace her or else there numbers will collapse at both the General Election and the European Elections, which if Brexit had been delivered on the 29th March 2019 as promised (Mrs May herself stated 108 times that we were leaving on the 29th March 2019), we would not have to spend an estimated £109 million (this was last estimated in 2014…so could be a lot higher if as expected her deal will be rejected again) to pick the MEPs as ordered by the EU.


Sadly the Conservative MPs don’t have the nerve to risk it or the inclination to vote for Boris Johnson…who by the way would be a mistake despite him being a likeable character, he is a loose cannon and as he has committed the cardinal sin of wanting Amber Rudd in his cabinet as none other than Chancellor.

The Conservative party must reach out to new blood such as Jacob Rees Mogg as despite being known as the Honourable member for the 19th Century, he has become the darling of all those, who like me just want an MP to answer the question and without lies and spin. It would also make the parliamentary question times even more captivating as watching members trying to catch him out is jolly good sport. I would like to see Ian Duncan Smith or David Davies take up the mantle of PM and definitely NOT Michael Gove as he swaps and changes his mind so often…if he were a merry-go-round, even he would be dizzy.

There also has to be a tough woman to show the Tory electorate that not all women are weak like Mrs May and Ester McVey comes to mind, as no way would I like to get in an political argument with her. She is tungsten through and through but only those who believe in this country can rescue us from the abyss Mrs May is so desperate to throw us into, but she must be forced to go or we will end up with a Corbyn/McDonnell/Abbott comedy of errors government….the errors being we the taxpayers get the bill when they bankrupt the country.

The electorate do not want Mrs May and a greater number of MPs are turning their back on her…..so Mrs May for the good of the party and the country….RESIGN.

MotherFatherSon – BBC Drama

https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m00034g9/motherfatherson I have been watching the BBC Drama MotherFatherSon starring Richard Gere and Helen McCrory as parents at war over their only son. It is a gripping drama and has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. Richard Gere is deliciously nasty as a neglectful father, but who is also a powerful newspaper baron who arrogantly believes he is the kingmaker of politics and politicians.   There is a storyline based on illegally obtaining information and a personal disaster that directly affects the family, but you must watch it as it is a rare for the BBC to get something so good without it being a repeat. It is 8 x 1-hour episodes, but you can catch up on the BBC iPlayer and sit back and enjoy a complicated family long with some truly fantastic acting. 10/10…The BBC at its best.

Addressing an MP

I have today invited the local MP to talk directly to me and other constituents as to why he voted to revoke Article 50 even though he said he would accept (which means getting us out of the EU) and respect the result (just what does that mean…..oh yes you won but I want a second and third chance as I hate losing….whist still respecting the result?), and just to explain what he has done for the area that he gets a very generous salary for. Maybe if we all asked our MPs to attend and to talk direct without the spin then maybe they will realise just how much of a blow to democracy they have created.

Faisal Rashid is my MP and was voted in in 2017, yet he has had 5 trips which has taken him to Pakistan, Qatar, the West Bank and Germany….all with a princely sum of £10,000, but has not managed to come a couple of miles from his constituency office to talk to his constituents. Poor form and needs to be addressed.

To show fairness the perspective MP for the conservative party has already accepted the offer.


Have the current crop of MPs show that they are no longer thinking of the wishes of the people?

I am an avid Conservative Brexiter and feel let down by both sides of the houses of Parliament. 85% of MPs campaigned on Brexit stating that they would honour the vote, yet the commons now has a remain capacity of 3 to 1. Would it not have been better for the MPs to have been honest with the electorate about which way they wanted to go, rather than seeming to dupe us?

I am of the opinion that the United Kingdom could have gotten a deal that would have suited both sides if parliament has shown the same solid support to the PM as they did when campaigning for re-election. Our government showed their hand too early, and parliament showed their distain at the earliest opportunity, and they had forgotten that with any battle you do not show the enemy your plans, your armoury and your reinforcements before negotiations have even begun.

The forthcoming council elections, and ultimately the General Election will be a turning point for all the major parties, and we shall see either a labour SNP coalition, or a parliament that will produce no outright win either via a coalition or first past the post and then it will be endless general elections and we still will not have left the EU.

Not very democratic and not very British!


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