Home Shopping

Why is it you have to spend £40 when wanting your shopping delivered! Sometimes I don’t need to spend all that just for a few bits for the weekend, but feel forced too as I am disabled and a lot of the time cannot get out!

Decided it is time – joined Weight Watchers

I have made the leap from thinking my scales are lying to me to actually realising they are telling the truth….and god they were brutal. The upshot is…I have decided to join WW (Weight Watchers) and will keep you all up-to-date on how my journey from being an overweight 50 something, into a stunningly curvy and thin 50 something is going…….

Wish me well!!!

Houses of Parliament

Sadly, today’s MPs has shown why the title of mother of all democracy must be taken away from the UK. Never in the history of this Island has such tyranny been conspired against its own people by its own servants.

Only with the current crop of MPs being given a shock in the EU elections, will we be able to once again tread the path of the will of the majority.

World Going Mad

Just watching Al Jazeera and it is all about civil unrest, terrorist groups, bombings and on and on.

The world is going mad and we are nature’s worst creations.

In over 60 minutes of watching not one minute of good news. Why can we not just sit round a table and talk……as killing is not the answer

The Murder that shocked a nation – Stephen Lawrence

I am watching this series and tears are in my eyes, and I have so much admiration for his parents, and my god this poor family was put through the wringer by the police and the CPS.

As a parent my heart breaks for them as to lose a child in such awful racist circumstances is dreadful.

Even now I feel the world has lost a shining light of what might of been….It is available on catch up so please watch it and say no to racism.

Nigel Farage – The BREXIT party

I have been a conservative voter for the last 34 years, but I have decided to put my vote and trust behind Nigel Farage and his party.

We cannot trust any of the mainstream parties to deliver BREXIT, and voting for the Conservatives, Labour, Libdems, Greens, The Change or whatever they call themselves (wonder how long before Anna Soubry walks from this …..she has form), are no force for good.

Show these MPs that we are their masters, and they are making us a laughing stock, and are the most traitorous parliament since Cromwell.

Games of Thrones S 8 Ep 2

It’s all hotting up and it is just awesome, and the wait is on for the Night King and the dead….

Jamie Lannister is good with a naughty inside and you can see that he has a heart of gold, but the best one for me is Jorah… dependable and the sort of guy you want your daughter to bring home.

You feel the bonding coming together and fighting for each other.

Roll on Episode 3.

Sea Houses, Northumbria

If you fancy a trip out to a beautiful fishing village, then this is for you. You can wander round the shops with plenty of different tastes catered for, or eat fish and chips in one of the many restaurants.

Finally take a boat trip to holy island and spend a couple of hours following in the footsteps of history

If you have time visit Northumberland Castle as that is the setting for Harry Potter

All in all a wonderful, welcoming place to be.

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