Star Trek The Next Generation

Happiness is rain outside and me sat in my armchair and we are all watching Star Trek with popcorn.

Bullying Online

I was on my Twitter account and I was shocked to see professional people writing offensive posts to the President of the United States of America.

I know you don’t have to like him, and you can disagree with his policies but when a person who counsels on mental health write something regarding Mr Trump’s body parts then that is bordering on bullying

Not nice and not professional.

Waking Up

Never ceases to amaze me how my grandchildren can go from asleep to full on as though they had been fitted with recharged Duracell batteries.

Picture this….sound asleep when I feel the presence of someone in my room …I slowly open one eye to see my grandson…..nan up up up …can I go on the tuper (PC)….and with that he throw off the quilt and that’s it….nan is up whether she likes it or not.

He is the cutest vision to wake up to…but not that early. 😴😴😴


Mother shares image of her son who twice threatened to kill himself via

This picture breaks me every single time. It doesn’t matter what your age is, what medical problem you have, nor the colour of your skin ….say NO to bullies and save one more child today by talking to your kids and bringing them to be polite, respectful and caring.

The Greatest of Joy

Got back from bingo to find grandad had the two youngest children. The sheer joy when my youngest grandson shouts nana, and comes running down the stairs for cuddles, hugs, loves and kisses is the most magical of moments. My granddaughter is busy designing unicorns on the PC, but even she loves hugs and kisses and ran for loves.

I never notice their autism these days as they are just perfect in everyway.

Bingo Part 2

Well I had lovely time with mum, even though she told me off for not letting her pay. It is so funny getting told off by your mum when you yourself are a grandmother ..

Anyway upshot was neither of us won but my god the animosity to those who did was hysterical.

Gangs of otherwise lovely ladies cursing and booing the winners is so funny, especially when the average age is 75.

If they start on me…going to get my mum on them. 😂🤣😂🤣

Why Bingo?

Being a woman in my 50s and still lucky enough to have my mother around and treasuring the time we spend together. I get the obligatory phone call on a Friday to tell me to bring my dabbers…..why oh why when I have time with mother does this include Bingo?

My mother loves the game and the place is full of the older generation and you can feel the tension in the room and if you win the imaginary daggers come flying across the room. They are other wise lovely older ladies who are wonderful to spend time with but not at Bingo, then it is every woman for herself……..god help me when I take her away to Blackpool for a break……….it is Bingo central. Will let you know if I win…….

The World Has Gone Mad

Greta Thunberg’s mum DENIES masterminding 16-year-old’s rise to fame via

This 16 year old has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize. What a mockery of the prestigious award. She knows nothing other than what she is told by her opera singer mum, and PR Agent….it will definitely help the pennies roll in….

BBC Licence Fee (Let’s call it what it is a TAX)

Why is it a criminal offence to not own a licence? Surely it should be left for us to decide if we want to watch the BBC.

If we don’t want it then just like Sky…make the channel unavailable if not purchased, but to make it a criminal offence surely is an attack on our civil liberty of choice.

Even though I have had to purchase a licence as a law abiding citizen, I don’t want to pay over inflated wages for the over inflated egos of actors, nor the excessive salary of the directors. What I do want is CHOICE.

It is an archiac ruling that needs updating, because the BBC has the CHOICE to decide what they want to broadcast, surely I should have the CHOICE to pay to watch it or not.

It amounts to an infringement of liberty and choice, and a licence to print money, whilst holding the British public “hostage” to the threat of bailiffs, courts and loss of freedom for non payment.

The BBC knows fewer people would want to purchase a subcription voluntarily, and that they would run into difficulty in such a short period of time but that is progression.

Time to drag the BBC into the modern era.

The lack of impartiality on the BBC QT (Question Time).

Surely it would make for a more healthy debate to have 2 of each from the BREXIT party, and the Remain party with the last being impartial of both rather than trying to stack the argument in favour of the Remain side as the BBC do often.

I am saddened that they have become embroiled in politics rather than presenting the news in the way they used too, and find for my own point of view that the BBC is not fit for its purpose any longer.

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