Working with Carers

I was very privileged to train those wonderful people who work with Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents.

It never ceases to amaze me how patient, caring and diligent they were, and shame on those employees who put profit first, over paying the carers their worth.

I am going to write a paper on the invisible generation, and their carers and hopefully it will be picked up and at least read. Fingers crossed.

Youngest Alzheimer’s sufferer.

Britain’s youngest Alzheimer’s suffer on life with the illness via

Daniel Bradbury is Britain’s youngest person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is so terribly sad and our government should help financially to the research, the medical and domestic help, to try and help the future Daniel’s.

God bless you and your family Daniel.

Lies, lies and damn politicians

Is there a secret learning place that politicians have attended that we know nothing about? One where they learn spinning and lying to the nth degree…. As every word out of their mouth is spin and lies.

The few exceptions being Sir Bill Cash, Jacob Rees Mogg and Dennis Skinner (the beast of Bolsover).

I would respect them more if they were just honest.

Noble Gesture

I have today found that rare thing in anybody playing a role in politics…a noble gesture.

Sally Bate was standing as an MEP for the BREXIT party for the North West, but could not bring herself to stand with somebody refusing to condemn terrorism.

Rather than think of political ambition, she felt for the parents who lost children, and spoke to Colin Parry about the pain suffered at the loss of Tim.

I am awe struck that in this day and age of political lies, intrigue and treachery, that a shining light has appeared on the political horizon

I hope this is not the last we hear from Sally Bate and would actively encourage her to stand as MP in the general election, because if she can be noble with only herself make the decision, imagine the great things she can achieve with a whole town behind her.

One Politicians Bad Choice Stance

Brexit Party MEP candidate is blasted for defending IRA bombers via

I make no bones of the fact I am a former soldier, and can remember the joy I felt when I took the Queen’s Shilling. The uniform I wore with pride and I was the 5th sibling, only girl of my immediate family joining up, following dad and grandad, numerous uncles and aunts….you could say it was a family business, especially as I married a soldier too.

The despair I felt at my brothers and sisters in arms bring murdered by the IRA, in some cases their children being murdered alongside them, or watching daddy being blown to bits just for wanting to help people feel safe.

Then to find out that an IRA apologisest is the number 1 on the list of my home town for MEP, makes me feel sick. I cannot under any circumstances put my vote under the care of a woman like that, and I will give open talks as to why this woman is not fit to represent a town.

A town where two little boys died, and where a terror cell had targeted our gas supply …if they had of succeeded then they would have wiped out thousands……would you trust her??

Community Spirit

I have opened a Facebook page for the area where I live as the one thing we are good at is being there for each other.

It feels like the place I grew up in, and the children of my friend call me nana, and know I have sweets for them even though I have my own grandchildren. I have cuddles and loves everyday and I feel blessed to have them all

My best friend is their mum and she is half my age, but we get on so well. Whenever anybody is unwell we rally round and if anyone is distressed or just in need…we are there with offer of support and help.

We do not do it based on colour, religion, remain or BREXIT but because we all appreciate and care who our neighbours are.

What a pity those values are being forgotten.

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