President Biden blaming others for his mismanagement of the economy…

When will Americans realise that you have elected the worst President in your history. He is responsible for the rising gas prices after all shutting down the Keystone Platform on day one and throwing 25,000 workers out of job would have a knock on effect, and when he took over from Donald Trump who had actually taken America to fuel independence…he has thrown it all away and now America is now having to beg UAE and others to produce more oil. What on earth has done to the United States of America?

Food prices are up 40%, fuel prices are climbing higher and people are struggling with rising rent costs, rising mortgage costs and where parents cannot get formula, where they have put the FBI on mums and dads who don’t want racism taught to their kids, crime is climbing higher and higher and where the border has failed.

True to form this President and his failed administration blame others. He and his VP Kamala Harris are failures and worst of all they have failed the people of the United States of America and they have made your once proud nation look weak on the world stage. You can only look as strong as your leaders and your leaders have someone who needs a cheat sheet telling him to even sit down, and the second in command who comes out with her Waldorf Salad words before breaking down in laughter and hysterics. To the rest of the world your country looks vacant most of the time, and when not vacant in mass hysterics with laughter. Is that really want you want to show to the world?

Time to vote Republican in the 2022 elections and take back control or America will not recover for years, and your children will have to suffer from their mismanagement.

As Jeff Bezos states…

On a lighter note….

For all those struggling…

To answer what is a woman….

I am a woman…I was born with a vagina, ovaries, I menstruated every month, I gave birth 3 times (not my husband…but ME), I breastfeed and I went through the menopause. All naturally as per my biology……I was not born with a penis and my agenda wasn’t assigned to me at birth!!! I was born a female and my children’s weren’t assigned theirs as from the moment they were here I knew what they were, so did my midwife and my husband……I gave birth to ONE FEMALE AND TWO MALES…

I understand that sadly some biological women cannot give birth due to a medical condition, and that those who do give birth sometimes struggle with breastfeeding, but it does not take away the fact they are women… biological and have always been female.

When are women in power going to stand up and demand that the leftist society stop demeaning what we are? I have no problem with trans people but my biological identity should not disappear for such a tiny minority.

I can imagine being born in the wrong body is awful, and if you want to live as a member of the opposite sex then I will support your right….as everyone has a right to be happy, but why is it that my rights to be recognised as a biological woman are fastly eroding?

You cannot just delete one biological sex for an ideology and to try to do so is immoral and needs to stop, and again if a Doctor or a Judge can’t tell you what a woman is…they shouldn’t be in that job.

Dear NHS….stop being anti White.

There is a blog from the NHS Leadership Academy aimed at White people, and when you listen to it….it is nothing more than crappy virtual signalling taken from the disgraced Critical Race Theory ideology.

You know the critical race theory diarrhoea that happens everytime someone’s dim light comes on, and who needs that oh look at me I need praise for doing so little, however what they don’t or can’t realise is that the majority of Great Britain is so bored with this now. I got bored a long time ago….as it never occurs to these dim individuals we are not racist. If we were….why is it so many are trying to get in illegally???

You need to find the individual another bandwagon to jump on….this one was so yesterday……

Can the NHS get back to doing what it should do…..helping people, and whoever the jackass is who wrote it… fire them for bringing the NHS into disrepute.

Racism should have no platform whatsoever in the NHS and that includes against White people and WOMEN.., and shame on the leadership for their crappy virtual signalling.

By the way….just for clarity it is biological women who breastfeed, biological women who have ovaries, biological women who give birth, biological women who menstruate and biological women who have the menopause. Now that was not difficult was it!! Not sure why the NHS which is full of Doctors find it so hard to accept.

If a Doctor can’t tell you what a woman is .. they are not a Doctor and ask to see a real one.

Maybe if the NHS stopped with the virtual signalling garbage they might actually get the tasks in hand done, you know saving lives as the taxpayers expect and pay for as I know one job that is expendable, the one who wrote the the NHS blog and just for them…I love my white skin, and I love being a biological woman and no doubt when they read it, they will need a lie down for their hurt fee fees.

These deaths belong squarely….

At the feet of Biden and Harris. Her word salad and his total ineptitude are costing lives….as they are doing nothing, and will continue to do nothing.

Voters really dislike it when politicians blame others for their failure as it shows weakness, and this Biden Harris Administration are showing nothing but weakness both at home, and on the World stage and it has shown a complete lack of ability to actually do something of value for the people.

Expect more deaths of people being smuggled and Harris will serve up her Waldorf Word Salad which will say and do nothing, except blame the previous administration under Trump who by the way had the border under control.

Peddlers of untruths before Congress tend to end up in Jail…

Cassidy Hutchinson needs to ask herself was all the untruths spouted yesterday about Donald Trump really worth it?

She will be dropped quicker than Hunters laptop at the repair shop, and she and she alone will be prosecuted for her testimony and Liz Cheney who hugged her afterwards will be too busy protecting her own career, and won’t care one jot for a young woman who is being untruthful. She knows the penalties.

If I was Ms Hutchinson I would tell the truth and save my skin, as she like so many before her….are expendable and Trump won’t come to her aid if she keeps up these untruths.

To use lies, hearsay and known untruths as a spectacle in Congress is shocking, and goes to show how desperate some politicians are. This is akin to North Korea but then we are talking the Democratic party with 2 turncoats supporting them.

When the Republicans win both houses in November I see impeachment and jail terms for Biden, Biden Jr, Harris, Myorkis, Schiff and Cheney and Pelosi. Impeach them and the whole rotten deck will fall. I also see a jail cell for Ms Hutchinson and all because she didn’t get the job she wanted….

The blame game will be epic…Time to grab the popcorn and diet coke….

The Mayor of Chicago has one filthy mouth…

Lori Lightfoot who is Mayor of Chicago has given an expletive laden speech on the Roe v Wade result, and for the supposed 1st citizen of Chicago…..she is disgusting.

Still when you are the Mayor of the murder capital of the United States of America, where more young people of colour are killed week in week out, where businesses are failing or leaving, and where the law abiding citizens have had enough and want to move to Texas……Any band wagon available is one for potty mouthed Lightfoot to cling too. She hopes the people are stupid enough to forget she is failing on all sides.

The last thing anybody could accuse Lori Lightfoot of being is statesmanlike and professional.

The United States of America…soon to be twinned with North Korea…

When it comes to women’s rights… or should I say the lack of women’s rights.


Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio and South Carolina.

Republican appointed-Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett (circled) all voted to strike down Roe along with Samuel Alito

What is really galling is that 4 men who would never know what it is like to carry a baby, or have to carry the burden of an unwanted pregnancy when raped or the victim of incest or being abandoned by the man have voted on women’s rights and the rights to their own bodies, and they have stuck two fingers up to millions of women in the United States of America.

It goes to show that even in the 21st Century….women do not have a say over their own bodies, their minds and their free will and those who voted to in effect take away rights are nothing more than dictators, as they have dictated their will and millions will suffer.

As I say….look for the twinning when these Judges group the United States of America with North Korea as they are not far off it now.

America is in danger of being dragged back 200 years….

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has overturned Roe v Wade and I am trying not to step too much into the abortion debate as it is something that just triggers people, but what this piece is about is the fact that one of the Supreme Court Justices has now stated that the United States of America should now reconsider and limit Gay Marriage, same sex sexual activity and Contraception.

Justice Clarence Thomas

The prospective law changes released in a concurring opinion of the decision penned by Justice Clarence Thomas would see limits put on gay marriage, same-sex sexual activity, and citizens’ access to birth control.

Thomas’ argument was entrenched in the belief that since the Constitution’s Due Process Clause was found not to secure a right to an abortion in Friday’s ruling, the court should apply that same logic to other landmark cases

These are areas that should be out of anybody’s decision. Whether you are straight, gay or bi-sexual who you love or marry or have a relationship, or even who you have a one night stand with is the business of nobody else but you. So long as they are consenting adults what the hell has it got to do with anybody else? Love is love and the heart wants what the heart wants and if it is perfectly acceptable for me to marry who I want too… then why should others have to be limited? It is a human right to marry the person you want to spend your life with…..

It is no wonder that gay and bi-sexual people feel sometimes that the establishment are against them and trying to stop what is natural. Love is normal and why should we think of it as anything else. Those old fashioned bigoted laws are for the past and they should stay in the past as we have moved forward and it is sanctimonious of these people to think they know better. They don’t and they need to stay out of it.

Stay out of gay marriage, same sex relationships and contraception as the Supreme Court has taken away a woman’s choice to choose, and now one of them wants to take away the right to even have contraception.

What the hell century did they drag this guy up from?

Leave a woman’s body alone, leave her choice of contraception alone, and yes we should leave their choice of abortion alone. I am a big reader of what goes on in the USA and Child Protection Services is struggling already, so can you imagine having millions of unwanted children stuck in a system and where they will suffer day in and day out, or back street abortion clinics where young women will die because they don’t want a baby. Why is it men who seem to think it is ok to decide that? I did say I would stay out of it but as a woman I can’t.

Slowly but surely they are taking away the rights of a woman and will pretty soon make women in the United States of America second class citizens where even rape and incest is not punishable by the perpetrator. There is a case in the USA of a 16 year old who was raped and had the baby but who now years later has to pay the rapist child support as he went to court and won the now teenage child. I guess working with the police department helped a whole lot as he has not been charged despite it being a statutory law that children under 17 years of age are classed as rape victims. The police state that it is still an open investigation but it has not moved despite there being proof…legal proof…. and they have done nothing (it is sick, very sick), and if the bigots get their way in these courts this will just be the start.

It will end up that the victim will be punished by having to have a child that they do not want and forced to have their rapist demand a family life to hurt them more, and the law will not take their side…… Where is the fairness in that?

Mind you when you think that the bigots who sit in the Supreme Court can take away a woman’s rights to her body, it is not to big a leap to realise that they will take away the rights of people to love others just because they are of the same sex. It is a dangerous thought for this man to have and should be stopped in its first thoughts.

The United States of America is being taken back to the dark ages because of people who are stuck in the ways of the 18th century, and give them long enough…..they will bring back the Saleem Witch trials for women who practice medicine because if they can restrict this…what else will these people restrict.

The United State of America is on the edge of a cliff and the safety mat does not look like one that will help the people., but rather put them at the mercy of people who like and want to play God.

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