Tory Leadership Challenge

Every MSM news station is now discussing who will become the new leader after the resignation of Boris, and meanwhile in the real world no one cares as we know the Tory Party is finished….and that’s me writing as someone who has voted Tory since the age of 18. They have been in power too long and it has corrupted them.

The public reaction to the news of a leadership contest…

Will someone tell Lord Heseltine to get over Brexit.

You would think Heseltine would stop tantrum throwing and accept the democratic will of the people, but nope there he is on TV endlessly going on about Brexit because of 2 Cabinet Ministers resigning today, but then he is talking to the Bias Broadcasting Corporation or rather the EU Mouthpiece and they all hate Brexit with a vengence.

He was endlessly spouting it’s Brexits fault. If his leg fell off it would be Brexits fault. He has Anti Brexit Stockholm Syndrome and needs help quickly for his Brexit paranoia.

Mind you he is well known for tantrum throwing under Baroness Thatchers Government, flouncing out when he didn’t get his own way. He was never good enough to be any leader, so what makes him think he can decide what’s best for us now!!! No one voted him in…

Don’t forget the thousands Haseltine pocketed in subsidies from the EU…. he must be jolly annoyed the peasantry stopped that perk for him by voting out.

Its politicians like him who are too blame for the mess we are in…as for the past 30 years privileged sleazy politicians have ignored the peoples will to benefit themselves.

They should set time limits on politicians, and I can predict the future and that is we will be dragged back into the EU, lose the pound, have millions of people arriving and where we will be expected to pay the EU billions and billions, and where if a medical disaster strikes again….we will be last in everything. To the EU Great Britain is just a cashpoint as we know French and German politicians want to rule this beautiful Island, and politicians have very little honour or love for this country these days. Its shameful…they are shameful and we are in this mess because of ALL OF THEM.

We will lose the right to make our own laws and be a vessel state of the EU…..because it is a gravy train for those odious creatures known as politicians to move from one taxpayer funded life to another and they won’t care one jot the damage it will do for democracy.

After all when does the voters actually matter to these politicians?….yep…when they need your vote to get into the taxpayers ATM…for their benefit and when in…they despise us totally.

What a bloody sorry mess politics is in and we need to drain yet another swanp.

Will we see the resignation of Boris Johnson tonight?

It’s time this sleazy PM resigned as the office of Prime Minister is now in the gutter….and if he won’t go….force him out.

Savid Javid has a chance at the leadership, but Sunak….nope he and his Mrs dodged the taxes that were due and he was the Chancellor, and not only that…look at the mess our finances are in. Sunak is only slightly more palatable than Boris Johnson, but no way is he fit to be Prime Minister.

If I could choose it would be either Sir Ian Duncan Smith or Andrea Ledsome, but for God sake get Johnson out.

Saying goodbye to our wonderful furry friend…

For the last 6 months we were visited daily by an old furry man of 17 years. My granddaughter and I were instantly smitten with him.

He turned up daily for a rest, cuddles and snacks during the day and he was carried home in the early evening. He had health issues but his parents totally loved him and he looked so content in his mums arms when handed over, and they knew he had taken to coming along the fence to ours but we didn’t mind as we had grown to love him too.

Sadly his health gave out and it has been two weeks since we last saw him, and everyday I still catch myself looking out for him despite knowing he has gone.

Crazy how these little fur balls get into your heart.

6 months of carrying him home, fussing over him and making sure he is comfortable has now stopped, and we are just left wishing to be able to do it once more….but knowing that’s not possible.

Goodnight my little friend and thank you for sharing those precious months with you…..

My heart goes out to the 6 victims….

Of the Highland Park Mass shootings in Illinois. To be murdered whilst enjoying the 4th July celebrations is so very very cruel, and my deepest sympathies goes out to all those suffering from this.

I have never agreed with the gun culture in the United States of America, and coming from Great Britain I never will….but for God sake get your politicians to sort something out to restrict them, or else like the school shootings the attacks will increase and it will be the innocent who continue to suffer.

Put aside party politics and do something constructive because it is not right when people who just want to go about their daily lives never make it home again because of some deranged person. It is just plain wrong and should never be just excepted as the price to pay for gun ownership.

I know how to stop…

The morons from Just Stop Oil from trying to wreck our National Art….

Tazer them and keep tazering the middle class privileged bell ends till they are too scared to do this again.

Bill them hundreds of thousands of pounds for their vandalism and lock them up till they pay, or jail their parents as it seems Tarquin and Tarquinette have never been told no before….and their parents failures are now becoming a big problem.

This is what happens when you produce brats….just tazer them…..they will learn their lesson eventually.

One less animal murderer.

Riaan Naude who ran a company called Pro Hunt Africa that specifically organised hunts for murderers to go and butcher beautiful animals as the cowards that they are has been shot dead.

The only sympathy I have is for the beautiful animals this odious individual murdered for his sport. It is disgusting and hopefully karma finds all those other murdering sons of bitches.

Wonder if we see this odious creature treated with the same disrespect he treated those gorgeous animals with? What a pity it wasn’t a lion who got him!!

Rest in Peace all those beautiful majestic animals who were murdered by this individual , as for him my sympathy level hit I don’t give a flying fig…..

I agree with Mr DeSantis….

To teach sex and sexuality to such young minds is akin to child abuse. It can and will damage their precious little minds. It is wrong and it needs to be stopped. and those who actively peddle this woke garbage have something really odd and frightening about them, and maybe their skeletons need to be looked into.

Let them be children for as long as possible as god knows when they hit the years of teenagers and then adulthood….they will soon realise that life is not the woke bubble their teachers made it, and the majority in the world don’t give one fig for woke ideology and hurt fees fees, and the poor parents will have to put their little darlings into therapy because of the abuse placed on them at such an early age.

It is wrong on every level. Just let them dream of being super heroes, Doctors, soldiers and princesses rather than heaping the abuse of gender ideology and sexuality on them, and well done for Mr DeSantis for standing up and caring for the children.

God help us if this dippy duo get in….

Putin will create havoc if these two wokies get their grips on power. Nothing says you are a leader of country when acting like this…..absolutely nothing says it, and what the dippy duo forgets is that this is not the way to appeal to the masses….and Putin will become more embolden if they get in as like the rest of us…he sees pathetic weakness.

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