An interesting article by Sir Ian Duncan Smith…

Where is the modelling for the societal consequences of lockdown?We have allowed skewed data to distract us from the devastating collateral damage of restrictions, particularly on education. Concerns around the Government’s Covid advice are nothing new. Since the first lockdown in 2020 a number of people have wondered how the advice on the potential impactsContinue reading “An interesting article by Sir Ian Duncan Smith…”

So here we have another Variant…..

Omicron…’s here or the South African Flu as its called. Funny how some people were up in arms when people called it the China Flu…..after originating from China!!!!!., but nothing with this name. The Government has now set up Plan B and it won’t be long before there is a Plan C. Scotland under theContinue reading “So here we have another Variant…..”

Covid Update from the BBC and the Rt Hon Savid Javid,  Secretary of State for Health.

A&Es throughout the country are struggling with the rise in cases and BBC discussion  –  Booster jabs need to be rolled out quicker and there is some concern about the way it is being rolled out. There is a now a push to protect the vulnerable.  BBC discussing the patchy take up of the boosterContinue reading “Covid Update from the BBC and the Rt Hon Savid Javid,  Secretary of State for Health.”

Dominic Cummings is coming across as a discarded bitter lover…..

Another day and more bitter but very hard to believe accusations from Dominic Cummings. He has made the most outrageous claims against the Prime Minister and I am sorry but I don’t believe him one bit, except for calling this virus the Kung Flu. I should imagine that thousands of others have done the sameContinue reading “Dominic Cummings is coming across as a discarded bitter lover…..”

It is not sleaze when there is no personal gain.

I am of course referring to the current political outrage (when is there never one with the Labour party), of the text messages between Boris Johnson and Sir James Dyson regarding the much needed ventilators. We are told through leaked emails and text messages that Prime Minister had contacted Sir James Dyson to ask himContinue reading “It is not sleaze when there is no personal gain.”