Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..

I never thought I would see it for myself as I always thought that freedom to express your thoughts were set in stone, especially when you are not using profane language but today I hit the stumbling block of you must not allow the world to see Joe Biden speaking profanities against a Fox Reporter.Continue reading “Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..”

For those who need a sign in America….

Vote Trump in 2024….get a President who loves America, respects the police and the military and who is pro business. Vote in the man who will make America great again after the disastrous Presidency of Biden and Harris. Vote for Trump and he will protect your borders and protect you, and who will de-escalate militaryContinue reading “For those who need a sign in America….”

Seems the Capitol riot was not a riot……

Seems the police let the protestors in….BTW excuse the spelling on the video, beyond my control Wait isn’t that capitol police telling people to come in? How is that an insurrection or terror plot?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” — Jon (@my70c10) October 8, 2021 It’s about time they stopped the egregious lawsuits against Trump as you cannot haveContinue reading “Seems the Capitol riot was not a riot……”

The Biden/Harris Administration have ruined Texas.

They have put American women and children at risk of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and human traffickers now entering the United Ststes of America, and it is getting worse and this is due to the influx of 2 million illegal unsecured immigrants allowed entry since the end of January….and rising. The border has collapsed although Biden,Continue reading “The Biden/Harris Administration have ruined Texas.”

The Biden/Harris Administration are helping out new terrorist friends…

Seems the Dippy Duo feel that they have not done enough damage. They have not only graciously given their new friends the Taliban lots of lovely new killing machines to terrorise the people with, bought and paid for by the American public, but now they are helping Iran spread media that is Anti Israeli …Continue reading “The Biden/Harris Administration are helping out new terrorist friends…”