If only the President of the United States….

Was half as brave as the President of the Ukraine. What a pity that President Zelensky has to tip toe round a man who is making such a mess of things that it is causing more hardship to the people under siege not less, and the very same wet weak USA President who has deniedContinue reading “If only the President of the United States….”

What is with the smirking women..

That Sleepy Joe Biden has in his Administration? Another out of touch member of his cabinet…the energy secretary who smirking actually says if you had an electric car then this fuel issue would not affect you. Come on America dig deep for the almost $60,000 dollars this will cost you. as Biden seems to thinkContinue reading “What is with the smirking women..”

Give the man his planes…

Dumb and dumber in the Whitehouse, along with Secretary of State Blinkard have claimed its a mis communication problem which is to blame for Ukraine not getting Jets. Well no mistakes now….give President Zelensky what he needs. What they really means is they are blocking it….as Biden wants this whole invasion and murder of theContinue reading “Give the man his planes…”

Biden has despatched his secret weapon overseas….

He has sent bungling cackling Kamala, his Vice President to try diplomacy regarding Ukraine, and to try and prevent a war… Lets hope she doesn’t start with the cheesy language attempts more akin to the policeman in allo allo…, Also that she can control her laughter for more than 5 minutes… If this is theContinue reading “Biden has despatched his secret weapon overseas….”

Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.

Seems the Administration and senior political Generals in the Biden/Harris Presidency want to use AI to spy on their own service personnel who THEY FEEL don’t conform to their way of thinking This is deeply disturbing and Communist China are doing the same sort of thing, so you can see where this Administrations ideas areContinue reading “Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.”

Time is up for Hillary Clinton…..and Biden….

So the report is out and it seems that there was no Russian collusion with the 45th President of the United States, one Donald J Trump but there was crime committed and that was by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Trump era Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says there is ‘enough evidence’ to indict ‘multipleContinue reading “Time is up for Hillary Clinton…..and Biden….”

The Biden/Harris Administration is betraying the American people….

They are arranging flights around the country of illegal immigrants in the early hours of the morning, depositing them wherever and letting them go…without warning the population. This week alone a member of the Border Force was murdered by am illegal immigrant with a rap sheet going back to the 90s. Wake up America…your AdministrationContinue reading “The Biden/Harris Administration is betraying the American people….”