Corruption from beginning to end….

This witch hunt by the FBI and allowed by a Judge who contributed to Obamas campaign, and every one else who ran again Trump in 2016, this Judge also has links to paedophile Jeffrey absolutely stinks. When it’s corrupt it’s corrupt and this my friends is corruption of the highest degree. I hope theContinue reading “Corruption from beginning to end….”

The Deep State of America….

The Democrats will find one-way or another to stop Donald Trump…..he must get extra security as they will try everything to get rid, and to stop him running. The Democrats are in the dying throws of their new world order…having only lasted 20 months, and they have nothing to lose by Operation Get Trump, andContinue reading “The Deep State of America….”

The US Democratic Party are now the new Nazi Party…..

The FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last night on the false charge of him taking documents from the Whitehouse when he was the 45th President of the United States of America. It can only be assumed that the bias kangaroo court for the 6th January hearings are going badly, and now they are doingContinue reading “The US Democratic Party are now the new Nazi Party…..”

My heart goes out to the 6 victims….

Of the Highland Park Mass shootings in Illinois. To be murdered whilst enjoying the 4th July celebrations is so very very cruel, and my deepest sympathies goes out to all those suffering from this. I have never agreed with the gun culture in the United States of America, and coming from Great Britain I neverContinue reading “My heart goes out to the 6 victims….”

President Biden blaming others for his mismanagement of the economy…

When will Americans realise that you have elected the worst President in your history. He is responsible for the rising gas prices after all shutting down the Keystone Platform on day one and throwing 25,000 workers out of job would have a knock on effect, and when he took over from Donald Trump who hadContinue reading “President Biden blaming others for his mismanagement of the economy…”

These deaths belong squarely….

At the feet of Biden and Harris. Her word salad and his total ineptitude are costing lives….as they are doing nothing, and will continue to do nothing. Voters really dislike it when politicians blame others for their failure as it shows weakness, and this Biden Harris Administration are showing nothing but weakness both at home,Continue reading “These deaths belong squarely….”

Peddlers of untruths before Congress tend to end up in Jail…

Cassidy Hutchinson needs to ask herself was all the untruths spouted yesterday about Donald Trump really worth it? She will be dropped quicker than Hunters laptop at the repair shop, and she and she alone will be prosecuted for her testimony and Liz Cheney who hugged her afterwards will be too busy protecting her ownContinue reading “Peddlers of untruths before Congress tend to end up in Jail…”

The Mayor of Chicago has one filthy mouth…

Lori Lightfoot who is Mayor of Chicago has given an expletive laden speech on the Roe v Wade result, and for the supposed 1st citizen of Chicago…..she is disgusting. Still when you are the Mayor of the murder capital of the United States of America, where more young people of colour are killed week inContinue reading “The Mayor of Chicago has one filthy mouth…”