Why the people of Russia….

Need to stand up to the tyrant that is currently going insane in the Kremlin as he is doing what Adolf Hitler did in the 30s and 40s, and evil can never triumph good…it never does., and 4500 of your young men have already been killed by Ukrainian fighting forces. How many more do youContinue reading “Why the people of Russia….”

The bravery of the Ukranian people…

Has given the world a symbol that bad guys cannot just walk in and take your freedoms. The Ukranian people have a born leader in President Zelensky, and his and their courage is uniting the world. I have given money to help aid the flow of old people, women and children with much needed supplies,Continue reading “The bravery of the Ukranian people…”

I need ammunition not a ride…

The President of Ukraine is showing the world what a true leader stands up for, and his bravery is an encouragement to his people. President Zelensky told President Biden today that he needs ammunition not a ride, after the Whitehouse offered to get him and his family out of Ukraine. If he had done thatContinue reading “I need ammunition not a ride…”

This is why the despotic maniac….

In the Kremlin won’t win. An 80 year old grandfather turned up to fight for his grandchildren and his Ukraine In his suitcase he had clean pants, t shirts, a toothbrush and sandwiches. Bless his heart and his courage along with the 13 Border guards killed on Snake Island, and the Marine who sacrificed himselfContinue reading “This is why the despotic maniac….”

Shame on the Sussexs for using the Russian Invasion…

Into the Ukraine as a PR stunt. Here’s a word for the Markles….its not about you, no one elected you, you are not a world leader and have no influence. Instead you are hustling for a living and shame on you two for using this catastrophe as a platform for your crappy word salad. IContinue reading “Shame on the Sussexs for using the Russian Invasion…”

Kamala Harris showing again why she is unfit for office….

No war in Europe for 70 years she states …well its been 83 years since WW2 started, and has she forgotten Kosovo? Has she forgotten the Russian invasion into Ukraine in 2014 to name a few??? Please please please get this woman removed and put in someone who knows what they are doing. The livesContinue reading “Kamala Harris showing again why she is unfit for office….”

World War Woke…

Whilst the West has gone stupid, soft and cuddly chasing wokeness….the super villains are moving in. When the head of the American military wants to understand non existent made up white rage and demands the using of pronouns, instead of actually making the Armed Forces fit for war….. ….Russia invades. How’s that wokeism working outContinue reading “World War Woke…”

This will not end well for Ukraine.

As the world woke up to the illegal invasion by Russia of the Ukraine, you have to ask yourself whether sanctions will work? The answer to that is NO…….. Heads of Governments need to realise that Putin and his cronies have already moved their money, and they have been building a war chest for thisContinue reading “This will not end well for Ukraine.”

John Kerry has finally lost it…

Never mind there is something called an invasion going on in the Ukraine by Russia who has declared war on the country, Kerry just wants to make sure that Putin is caring for the environment. I am sure worrying about the climate will be first thing on Putin’s mind as he drives towards his evilContinue reading “John Kerry has finally lost it…”