Absolutely disgusted at the treatment of this young man.

A young man who gained employment with Sony based at Currys PC World was subjected to most vilest of abuse. Terrelle Graham, 26, from Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire, claimed he was subjected to racist abuse from staff while he was working for Sony at Currys PC World in Bristol. He was asked had he put hisContinue reading “Absolutely disgusted at the treatment of this young man.”

Google are now brainwashing…

It’s employees and yep you guessed its based on racism. As to bring up someone’s colour is racist, and to say the term white privilege is racist but these nut jobs can’t see the irony. The endless leftist ideology of woke billionaires is boring on crackpot, infact they are crackpot. Tell the homeless veterans, orContinue reading “Google are now brainwashing…”

Another Vile Corbyn…what a horrid pair.

Just when you thought one Corbyn was enough with his anti semitic terrorist loving views, up pops another equally despicable relative…..the brother PIERS CORBYN SUGGESTS “TROUBLEMAKERS” IN JEWISH AREAS POSTED LEAFLETS COMPARING COVID-19 TO AUSCHWITZ THROUGH THEIR OWN DOORS IN “PLOT” TO PORTRAY HIM AS ANTISEMITIC Piers Corbyn has suggested that “troublemakers” in Jewish areas posted leaflets created and distributedContinue reading “Another Vile Corbyn…what a horrid pair.”

Hypocrisy thy name is Corbyn.

I am sure the MPs in parliament were staggered to hear one Jeremy Corbyn, Independent MP droning on about how there needs to be more done to combat racism!! Excuse me!!!! Is this not the same Jeremy Corbyn who presided over the Labour Party when it was investigated for their racist anti-Semitism, and for whichContinue reading “Hypocrisy thy name is Corbyn.”

Now we know where Hunter gets it from!

Another day and another exposure from the laptop of Hunter Biden. It seems that Hunter Biden can say some pretty racist insensitive words…and how embarrassing for his father who has declared war on racism…but hey wait…..is this the same father who gave a eulogy for a KKK member? Or who is quite adapt at usingContinue reading “Now we know where Hunter gets it from!”

Nothing from the CEO nor the Labour Leader of Warrington Borough Council.

On the leaflet-gate in Warrington. Let me explain….the Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols posted offensive material through the door of potential voters in the town where she stated that she would deal with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers incursions….. Now for clarity this is the terminology of the word incursion…. an invasion or attack, especially aContinue reading “Nothing from the CEO nor the Labour Leader of Warrington Borough Council.”

Jesse Jackson is a race baiter and shouldn’t throw stones whilst living in a glass house.

Yet again we hear the discredited words of one Rev Jesse Jackson, where he states that Great Britain is the “mother of racism”. There are few things here….. It is not a very christian thing to do as he knows it could cause violence. We do not need any comment from a man desperate forContinue reading “Jesse Jackson is a race baiter and shouldn’t throw stones whilst living in a glass house.”

Some people should just not teach….

Loudon County school district in the States want children to think of race when they are looking at another school member.  This is racism at its absolute worse.   I have always told my children to accept people as you find them regardless of the colour of their skin, and those same friends are still around evenContinue reading “Some people should just not teach….”

A voice from the people..

Listen to this wonderful chap from London and he destroys Owen (simpleton) Jones, and Ash (I don’t know what I am talking about) Sarkar, and realise that most normal people can see what they are…..pathetic race batters who hate Great Britain….BTW…they work for the Guardian…enough said. Lets get more of this fabulous guy on theContinue reading “A voice from the people..”