Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..

I never thought I would see it for myself as I always thought that freedom to express your thoughts were set in stone, especially when you are not using profane language but today I hit the stumbling block of you must not allow the world to see Joe Biden speaking profanities against a Fox Reporter.Continue reading “Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..”

Police Scotland are failing the victims of Rape.

Police Scotland has come under fire for stating that rapists who after committing rape and who then when caught identify as a woman even though they have a penis will be identified as women. Well that’s nothing more than raping the victims again….only legally. A man who rapes a woman cannot then decide he isContinue reading “Police Scotland are failing the victims of Rape.”

Watching the left meltdown…

Over Kyle Rittenhouse is very disturbing as they are trying to make martyrs of a paedophile and a convicted fellon/abuser. Hopefully this is the fightback from their nauseous woke agenda, because when you put a paedophile on a martyrs agenda you are very very sick, and the Democratic party has some very sick people in…whoContinue reading “Watching the left meltdown…”

Why is this man still employed in a Learning Institute?

A university professor has sparked outrage after claiming it is not immoral for adults to be sexually attracted to children and saying pedophiles should be called ‘minor-attracted persons’. Allyn Walker, who teaches sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University in Virginia, has penned a controversial book attempting to destigmatize pedophilia titled A Long DarkContinue reading “Why is this man still employed in a Learning Institute?”

Shame on LSE for not throwing out….

The thugs, terrorists and anti semites that are being educated within LSE who decided to attack the Israeli Ambassador, and who tried to prevent a speech being given by her. They are nothing but cowards…..and do not belong in any decent society, and they are the ugly reality of the Far left….and why were theirContinue reading “Shame on LSE for not throwing out….”

This free ride has to stop….Poor Poland.

Countries and their way of life are being destabilised. No one in life gets a free ride, so how dare these people just tip up and expect others to pay. I wouldn’t dream of going somewhere else having never paid into the place, and expect them to keep me demanding access to schools, health care,Continue reading “This free ride has to stop….Poor Poland.”

Words of advice to Americans.

Due to the lunacy of your current President, the Child Botherer in Chief and the clowns who run your Government , I suggest that you give back your citizenship and take yourself to the Border, and then break into America. Please see the current Government Photo below of those running your country. If you doContinue reading “Words of advice to Americans.”

The unwashed morons are back on the M25…

Insulate Britain have not only tried holding the country to ransom by terrorism, they are now playing chicken on the M25 and walking up and down the motorway. The police need to take these unwashed morons and get them off for the road for safety, or they will get hit by a vehicle and IContinue reading “The unwashed morons are back on the M25…”