Rebel Home Office staff…..

Are trying to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda by running out the clock on documents needed for court.. It seems that they have decided as unelected desk jockeys that they are going to make the decisions rather than the Home Secretary. That is dictatorship by unelected individuals who if they do thisContinue reading “Rebel Home Office staff…..”

Why is the NHS putting newborn babies at risk for wokeness??

Newborn babies could be harmed by woke NHS-backed guidance that states transwomen can breastfeed experts warned today. Guidance from a charity linked to one of the controversial ‘chestfeeding’ advice pages states biological men who swap sex can stimulate milk supply using the Newman-Goldfarb protocol. WHAT ABSOLOUTE TOSH…..BTW it is called BREASTFEEDING….WOMEN HAVE BREASTS AND WHENContinue reading “Why is the NHS putting newborn babies at risk for wokeness??”

Paul Joseph Watson hits the nail on its head….

And says exactly what decent law abiding good citizens think. Its disgusting that the decent communities have to put up with this….. Thats the left for you…..they just help criminals at the expense of decency, and in the USA their woke DAs just love taking money from that most evil of people…George Soros. They fillContinue reading “Paul Joseph Watson hits the nail on its head….”

Bidens Judicial Appointee is soft on paedophiles…

You could not make this grotesque thing up, but Bidens appointee to the highest Judicial appointment in America gives out the lowest sentences possible or below to paedophiles. Guess the victims don’t count in her world… Judge Jackson should not be let near the Supreme Court benches never mind make judgements there after this revelation,Continue reading “Bidens Judicial Appointee is soft on paedophiles…”

Modernity 7…

By my favourite you tuber Paul Joseph Watson….I disagree with him about Ukraine but the raising of the LGBTQ+ flags for the Armed forces….and not the Union Flag or Regimental flag….we are supposed to be a fighting force not the Corp of Wokies…I just buried my head in my hands as a veteran.. Our MilitaryContinue reading “Modernity 7…”

Some people should just not teach….

Especially when they are white, woke and irony is lost on them….. If this woman is your tutor and you are “white” or privileged or god forbid what she classes as “white and privileged” despite running up massive debts to pay her very generous wages, then you are going to hit a serious road blockContinue reading “Some people should just not teach….”

Jen Psaki mocks the concerns of the rise in crime, and the New York DA is giving criminals an easy life……

This woman is mocking the rise in crime of 510% including the deaths of 24 police officers for the month of January alone. She states that people are more concerned with what is going on in their everyday lives…..well here is a fact Jen…..the rise in murder rates and crime is what people are concernedContinue reading “Jen Psaki mocks the concerns of the rise in crime, and the New York DA is giving criminals an easy life……”

Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..

I never thought I would see it for myself as I always thought that freedom to express your thoughts were set in stone, especially when you are not using profane language but today I hit the stumbling block of you must not allow the world to see Joe Biden speaking profanities against a Fox Reporter.Continue reading “Shutting the truth down is never good for freedom…..”