Biden and his woke agenda

Got down to having all sorts of leftist claptrap spouted at the 2 day Environmental summit by people WHO WERE NOT scientists, and according to them hell is coming if we don’t change..but funnily enough they actually left out REAL scientists who could call the alarmist nonsense exactly what it is….nonsense. Oh and of courseContinue reading “Biden and his woke agenda”

LeBron James made himself judge and jury..

He also put a police officers life and that of his family at risk by tweeting his picture with the term you’re next. How threatening is that… The police officer shot dead a 16 year old girl who was STABBING other teenagers, and who refused to stop when challenged. Can you imagine the uproar ifContinue reading “LeBron James made himself judge and jury..”

A voice from the people..

Listen to this wonderful chap from London and he destroys Owen (simpleton) Jones, and Ash (I don’t know what I am talking about) Sarkar, and realise that most normal people can see what they are…..pathetic race batters who hate Great Britain….BTW…they work for the Guardian…enough said. Lets get more of this fabulous guy on theContinue reading “A voice from the people..”