There are plenty of people who would take this job….

The people have had to put up with enough and not to have the threat of strikes….this is too much too far. If there is a strike….sack them and replace them with people who will work. The country cannot recover from the pandemic if it is being held to ransom by communists. By the wayContinue reading “There are plenty of people who would take this job….”

Truth Ministry suspended

For the untruths from its now discredited and resigned Director. Guess when it’s the real truth the Democrats can’t stand it, but lies….oh yes they are all for mis and disinformation. Hang on…..oh right that’s why it’s suspended….for mis and disinformation. Could only happen on Swampy Joes and Cackling Kamala watch….

Modernity 7…

By my favourite you tuber Paul Joseph Watson….I disagree with him about Ukraine but the raising of the LGBTQ+ flags for the Armed forces….and not the Union Flag or Regimental flag….we are supposed to be a fighting force not the Corp of Wokies…I just buried my head in my hands as a veteran.. Our MilitaryContinue reading “Modernity 7…”

Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.

Seems the Administration and senior political Generals in the Biden/Harris Presidency want to use AI to spy on their own service personnel who THEY FEEL don’t conform to their way of thinking This is deeply disturbing and Communist China are doing the same sort of thing, so you can see where this Administrations ideas areContinue reading “Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.”

Some teachers just should not teach…

A substitute teacher decided to try and humiliate the son of a American Police Officer by telling him loudly in class that the mask he was wearing showing support for blue lives matter was the new confederacy flag. Thank the lord the children can now video these encounters….. Where do they find these people from?Continue reading “Some teachers just should not teach…”

Pays well to be a socialist…

I hope Jess Phillips MP is donating all her outside earnings to the poor in her constituency that she is supposed to represent. After all 82k plus 200,000k expenses with a family member as office manager is surely enough for any committed socialist and their family to live on. Wouldn’t want to be a hypocriteContinue reading “Pays well to be a socialist…”

This is just about as insulting as you can get….

Leftist Historian Douglas Brinkley compared the January 6th kerfuffle at the Capitol Building to the Holocaust, Pearl Harbour and 9/11. Why is it only the crazy leftists who compare everything minor to the holocaust. Is it me or are they trying to dumb down the holocaust at every stage? Either way this man is anContinue reading “This is just about as insulting as you can get….”