Peonies – gorgeous when in full bloom.

Peonies are stunning flowers when grown and some can be as big as dinner plates, and when you have a garden they look stunning in them. There are three types of peony and these are the tree peonies which are taller and more woody.  They generally keep their frame throughout winter as they tend toContinue reading “Peonies – gorgeous when in full bloom.”

Planting….my Campanula Spring Bell Blue

Had a great day at Morrisons today as I picked up this gorgeous little plant for £3.  It is a Campanula and it is a gorgeous little flower and I am looking forward to planting it in the garden. The Campanula is really one of those plants that is so easy to care for, andContinue reading “Planting….my Campanula Spring Bell Blue”

When you need peace, quiet and nature in your life.

Have been thinking over the last few days how fed up I am of reading nothing but murders, killings, man’s hatred towards man, covid…on and on. The misery never ends. Due to what I do, I have so many apps and realised that it was just loading my phone and pc with misery, misery andContinue reading “When you need peace, quiet and nature in your life.”

More plants for your border….for the complete novice….heather is the key.

Day two and having spent the day in the garden again I decided to have a think about what sort of flowers would suit a novice gardener and their border, especially if you decided you didn’t like the choices yesterday. First of all the hardest part is deciding on the colours. I decided originally toContinue reading “More plants for your border….for the complete novice….heather is the key.”

Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.

I have finally created the pages I most wanted too….and that is m where we can discuss great food and drinks, great entertaining, UK holidays and above all the love of my garden and no politics. I am only a novice gardener and do need a lot of help due to my disabilities but thisContinue reading “Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.”