Victory for Johnny Depp…

$15 million Amber Heard has to pay for her defamation with malice to her former husband Johnny Depp, and a huge cheer for a really good bloke who has been dragged through the mud by this woman. Disney and Warner Brothers….start practicing your apologies as the world loves Johnny, and I hope she is replacedContinue reading “Victory for Johnny Depp…”

Jack Churchill….mad dogs and madder Englishmen.

I really enjoy this channel very much and was delighted today to listen to the escapades of Jack Churchill. The only man to be accredited with killing Nazis by use of a bow and arrow. Jack is a hero of our nation like all those who fought in the war….only he was more than barkingContinue reading “Jack Churchill….mad dogs and madder Englishmen.”

We need more good people like these….

A loving couple who have been married for the last 18 years decided to expand their family…… Steve Anderson-McLean and Rob Anderson-McLean adopted six siblings to make sure they weren’t split up when leaving the foster system. They already had 2 children from a previous adoption who were grown up but they felt ready toContinue reading “We need more good people like these….”

AWOL with the intention to fight…

I am not saying the serving soldiers are right to have gone AWOL but they want to fight. They see this despotic megalomaniac killing innocent men, women and children and they want to fight and they want to protect. No soldier takes the Queen’s shilling to actively want to fight….no soldier wants the prospect ofContinue reading “AWOL with the intention to fight…”