My heart goes out to the 6 victims….

Of the Highland Park Mass shootings in Illinois. To be murdered whilst enjoying the 4th July celebrations is so very very cruel, and my deepest sympathies goes out to all those suffering from this. I have never agreed with the gun culture in the United States of America, and coming from Great Britain I neverContinue reading “My heart goes out to the 6 victims….”

I know how to stop…

The morons from Just Stop Oil from trying to wreck our National Art…. Tazer them and keep tazering the middle class privileged bell ends till they are too scared to do this again. Bill them hundreds of thousands of pounds for their vandalism and lock them up till they pay, or jail their parents asContinue reading “I know how to stop…”

One less animal murderer.

Riaan Naude who ran a company called Pro Hunt Africa that specifically organised hunts for murderers to go and butcher beautiful animals as the cowards that they are has been shot dead. The only sympathy I have is for the beautiful animals this odious individual murdered for his sport. It is disgusting and hopefully karmaContinue reading “One less animal murderer.”

These deaths belong squarely….

At the feet of Biden and Harris. Her word salad and his total ineptitude are costing lives….as they are doing nothing, and will continue to do nothing. Voters really dislike it when politicians blame others for their failure as it shows weakness, and this Biden Harris Administration are showing nothing but weakness both at home,Continue reading “These deaths belong squarely….”

Peddlers of untruths before Congress tend to end up in Jail…

Cassidy Hutchinson needs to ask herself was all the untruths spouted yesterday about Donald Trump really worth it? She will be dropped quicker than Hunters laptop at the repair shop, and she and she alone will be prosecuted for her testimony and Liz Cheney who hugged her afterwards will be too busy protecting her ownContinue reading “Peddlers of untruths before Congress tend to end up in Jail…”

The Mayor of Chicago has one filthy mouth…

Lori Lightfoot who is Mayor of Chicago has given an expletive laden speech on the Roe v Wade result, and for the supposed 1st citizen of Chicago…..she is disgusting. Still when you are the Mayor of the murder capital of the United States of America, where more young people of colour are killed week inContinue reading “The Mayor of Chicago has one filthy mouth…”

Poor Linton-on-Ouse

What on earth did this small village near York do to upset the Government….or someone in the Government to have 1500 male illegal immigrants thrust upon them? They are only a village of 700 mainly retired people with one shop and one pub. This will mean trouble and the villagers will end up being onContinue reading “Poor Linton-on-Ouse”

Kissinger…wants to give away parts of the Ukraine to his pal Putin.

Henry Kissinger who should have been put out to pastures a long time ago is now saying that we should let Putin, the aggressor have parts of Ukraine just to keep him happy and to stop the defeat of Russia. Yet, the President of the United States…old Swampy Joe is on about sending troops toContinue reading “Kissinger…wants to give away parts of the Ukraine to his pal Putin.”

Paul Joseph Watson hits the nail on its head….

And says exactly what decent law abiding good citizens think. Its disgusting that the decent communities have to put up with this….. Thats the left for you…..they just help criminals at the expense of decency, and in the USA their woke DAs just love taking money from that most evil of people…George Soros. They fillContinue reading “Paul Joseph Watson hits the nail on its head….”

Paying tax is for thee and not me….

Says the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Seems Rishi Sunaks mega wealthy wife has declared herself as non dom which means she doesn’t pay the required tax she should on her wealth if registered as living here permanently. That loophole has saved the Sunak family on average £4.4 million pounds every year forContinue reading “Paying tax is for thee and not me….”

Russia’s Shame

**** Warning pictures of a graphic nature**** As the daughter of a WW2 Veteran I grew up reading book after book about the War, and I always drifted again and again to the Battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad, as well as the battle of Kursk and how the heroic Russians dealt a severe blow toContinue reading “Russia’s Shame”

Lies straight from the Despotic mouth of Putin….

To say they are not targeting civilians is a lie and he is murdering Ukrainians by the day, and the murder rate is growing. Innocent children, women and men are being murdered by this madman. The casualties on his side are said to be 9,000 and growing but not that this monster will admit it.Continue reading “Lies straight from the Despotic mouth of Putin….”

This has to be a terrible joke….£30,000 of Russian Money was handed to a Defence Minister for dinner with the wife of one of Putin’s chums….

A Knighthood for what? Total failure…..or no sorry…..for the £30k the Tories got for his dining with the wife of a mate of Putin. Seems Knighthoods are so easily bought these days. You cannot begin to imagine just how disgusted I am with the whole sorry lot of them. The Tories have accepted £30,000 from the wifeContinue reading “This has to be a terrible joke….£30,000 of Russian Money was handed to a Defence Minister for dinner with the wife of one of Putin’s chums….”