Rebel Home Office staff…..

Are trying to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda by running out the clock on documents needed for court.. It seems that they have decided as unelected desk jockeys that they are going to make the decisions rather than the Home Secretary. That is dictatorship by unelected individuals who if they do thisContinue reading “Rebel Home Office staff…..”

Reopen the appeal for Johnny Depp in the United Kingdom.

There is a petition that has been started by a gentleman on YouTube who is called the Black Belt Barrister. He is a United Kingdom Barrister and he needs your help…..he wants to reopen the appeal for Johnny Depp. He explains in full what the appeal is about and why it matters with regards toContinue reading “Reopen the appeal for Johnny Depp in the United Kingdom.”

Can Her Majesty’s opposition actually get back to the real problems in the UK.

Yesterday was the reveal of Sue Gray’s long awaited inquiry into the so called party gate, and it was nothing more than a damp squib and whilst it is upsetting to the relatives of those who were lost during Covid, it has to go down as the most boring party ever. Egg sandwiches and orangeContinue reading “Can Her Majesty’s opposition actually get back to the real problems in the UK.”

This is tantamount to criminal…

This Government needs to tell the Energy Companies that if they put up the fuel to this then they must give a 90% discount to customers, but we are talking about the Head of Ofgem, the Government and the Energy Companies….all useless and not working in the consumers best interest and this is bordering onContinue reading “This is tantamount to criminal…”

There are plenty of people who would take this job….

The people have had to put up with enough and not to have the threat of strikes….this is too much too far. If there is a strike….sack them and replace them with people who will work. The country cannot recover from the pandemic if it is being held to ransom by communists. By the wayContinue reading “There are plenty of people who would take this job….”

Politicians are bottom feeders…

They lie, spin, lie, spin and lie again….when they are not watching porn, we have male MPs sending pictures of their penises, and one cabinet minister having loud sex in his office. Not to forget the females getting blind drunk, throwing up and starting fights. Then we have Labour MP Mary Foy having a goContinue reading “Politicians are bottom feeders…”

Always the criticism but no offer of a better plan.

Yvette Cooper yep her who tried to thwart Brexit more than anybody else in Parliament and trying to destroy democracy, and who with her husband Ed Ball flipped houses like no tomorrow and living very nicely of us too….. has now criticised the Home Secretary for sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda. Criticism, criticism, criticism andContinue reading “Always the criticism but no offer of a better plan.”

Jack Churchill….mad dogs and madder Englishmen.

I really enjoy this channel very much and was delighted today to listen to the escapades of Jack Churchill. The only man to be accredited with killing Nazis by use of a bow and arrow. Jack is a hero of our nation like all those who fought in the war….only he was more than barkingContinue reading “Jack Churchill….mad dogs and madder Englishmen.”

Paying tax is for thee and not me….

Says the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Seems Rishi Sunaks mega wealthy wife has declared herself as non dom which means she doesn’t pay the required tax she should on her wealth if registered as living here permanently. That loophole has saved the Sunak family on average £4.4 million pounds every year forContinue reading “Paying tax is for thee and not me….”

First he stripped the pensioners and now its the turn of the disabled to pay for Government mishandling of the economy.

Could this Conservative Government really get any more nauseating in their opinion of the poorer people in society. The day the information below came out the Prime Minister and his cronies were having jollies in Claridge’s for the wealthy backers they pursue with offers of knighthoods and peerages. This is an article taken from theContinue reading “First he stripped the pensioners and now its the turn of the disabled to pay for Government mishandling of the economy.”

This country can no longer afford a Conservative Government….

This is a hard thing to write as I had always preferred a Conservative Government to that of a Labour one or god forbid a Liberal Democrat, but what is happening now in this country has gone beyond the ability of most people to actually pay their way anymore, and we need a change toContinue reading “This country can no longer afford a Conservative Government….”

Never mind investigating one Peerage….all of them need removing.

Sir Keir Starmer needs to take a step back and think before blasting the Government over Evgeny Lebedev. Starmer has stated that he wants all information on this peerage made public….but he forgot one small detail….he actually text the gentleman concerned and congratulated him. Why did he not call for it then? Guess when thatContinue reading “Never mind investigating one Peerage….all of them need removing.”

EDF….profits above the people…

Regulated gas prices went up by 12.6% in October last year and have been frozen until April. But a rise in electricity prices, planned for next month, has been limited to just 4%. This is what EDF are allowed to charge the people in France. The information below is what they are going to charge theContinue reading “EDF….profits above the people…”