There is a chance of peace….

If Putin does have blood cancer. This will give the chance for those who realise that Russia needs to stop shelling the innocent people of the Ukraine, and get on board with the rest of the world and look for peace and topple the monster. Russia must pay for the redevelopment of Ukraine but ifContinue reading “There is a chance of peace….”

Prayers for Mariupol.

They are fighting the good fight against an evil that is spreading its tentacles and where there is never enough death and destruction for Putin. Come on Europe….nearly 40 billion euros to Russia and less than a billion to the Ukraine in so called aid should make you ashamed of yourselves…. Give Ukraine aid andContinue reading “Prayers for Mariupol.”

Seems the EU is bankrolling Putin’s illegal war and genocide…

Shame on the EU for giving 35 BILLION EUROS to Putin. This money has allowed him to commit some of the worst crimes we have seen since World War 2 and it will get worse, so please EU don’t pontificate that you have Ukraine’s back with a measly ONE BILLION EUROS….well here’s the news…..YOU DON’T.

Russia’s Shame

**** Warning pictures of a graphic nature**** As the daughter of a WW2 Veteran I grew up reading book after book about the War, and I always drifted again and again to the Battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad, as well as the battle of Kursk and how the heroic Russians dealt a severe blow toContinue reading “Russia’s Shame”

We cannot and must not leave this humanitarian crisis to Poland.

My readers on here know that I am not one for taking in those migrants who tip up on our beaches illegally and I am still convinced that we should turn them away and back to the safe places they come from…for instance France and Germany, but those fleeing the war in Ukraine are differentContinue reading “We cannot and must not leave this humanitarian crisis to Poland.”

It will cost the Ukrainians dearly but Putin even more…..and Russia will be forced to go it alone.

There are said to be 300,000 Ukrainians trapped in Mariupol and they will not leave and Putin will have to bomb them the same as the Nazis did in Stalingrad only Putin is using rockets and not the Luftwaffe, but its the same war crimes as then and it did not end well for theContinue reading “It will cost the Ukrainians dearly but Putin even more…..and Russia will be forced to go it alone.”

The depths of barbarity….

I have read two articles today that reduced me to tears. One concerning a mother and her baby, and one concerning dogs as both are dear to my heart. I like millions of others saw the horrific pictures of a young pregnant mother being carried from the wreckage of a maternity hospital. Her pelvis wasContinue reading “The depths of barbarity….”

If only the President of the United States….

Was half as brave as the President of the Ukraine. What a pity that President Zelensky has to tip toe round a man who is making such a mess of things that it is causing more hardship to the people under siege not less, and the very same wet weak USA President who has deniedContinue reading “If only the President of the United States….”

Putin is trying to provoke the world…

Into a fight he cannot win and one where he must not win. The world has to destroy him and his cronies and sadly the people of Russia will suffer. Raise up people of Russia and overthrow the monster and regain your freedom and the world will welcome you with open arms, as you willContinue reading “Putin is trying to provoke the world…”