If only the President of the United States….

Was half as brave as the President of the Ukraine. What a pity that President Zelensky has to tip toe round a man who is making such a mess of things that it is causing more hardship to the people under siege not less, and the very same wet weak USA President who has deniedContinue reading “If only the President of the United States….”

What is with the smirking women..

That Sleepy Joe Biden has in his Administration? Another out of touch member of his cabinet…the energy secretary who smirking actually says if you had an electric car then this fuel issue would not affect you. Come on America dig deep for the almost $60,000 dollars this will cost you. as Biden seems to thinkContinue reading “What is with the smirking women..”

Could Vice President Kamala Harris get any more offensive??

My bet is yes because if you can laugh when questioned about the people fleeing Ukraine, then you have no sympathy and certainly no feelings. To laugh is beyond the pale…. The poor people of Ukraine first get their jets refused by Swampy Joe who by the way has been wrong on every decision heContinue reading “Could Vice President Kamala Harris get any more offensive??”

Give the man his planes…

Dumb and dumber in the Whitehouse, along with Secretary of State Blinkard have claimed its a mis communication problem which is to blame for Ukraine not getting Jets. Well no mistakes now….give President Zelensky what he needs. What they really means is they are blocking it….as Biden wants this whole invasion and murder of theContinue reading “Give the man his planes…”

Blinken says yes, Biden says no…

Secretary of State Blinken said he had given the green light to Poland who were going to hand their MiG fighter jets over to Ukraine, with the assurance that America would replace them. It makes sense especially as NATO will not get involved but now the Biden Administration has dashed that after raising the hopesContinue reading “Blinken says yes, Biden says no…”

Cut the oil, cut the money and the despot will fall…..

Great Britain has now said that we will no longer be reliant on Russia for our fuel and that it will take full effect by the end of the year. We all know it takes time but well done to Parliament for the unified approach to tackle the murderer in the Kremlin, and cut hisContinue reading “Cut the oil, cut the money and the despot will fall…..”

You worrying about rising fuel costs? Well worry no more….Pete Buttigieg has the solution and it only costs about 60,000 Dollars….

I am absolutely convinced that the Biden/Harris Administration are employing every left wing nut-job that they can find in America, as never in the field of American history has so many wrong people been found running a government and a country, and that is not good for America or the world. Come the Mid Terms….forContinue reading “You worrying about rising fuel costs? Well worry no more….Pete Buttigieg has the solution and it only costs about 60,000 Dollars….”