No border visit….

A month in and Kamala Harris has done nothing about the border situation. She has not visited, has not given a press conference and has no government task force to help resolve the situation of thousands heading towards the States. She has however had a taxpayer funded home decorated to a high spec and noContinue reading “No border visit….”

LeBron James made himself judge and jury..

He also put a police officers life and that of his family at risk by tweeting his picture with the term you’re next. How threatening is that… The police officer shot dead a 16 year old girl who was STABBING other teenagers, and who refused to stop when challenged. Can you imagine the uproar ifContinue reading “LeBron James made himself judge and jury..”

The Verdict is in….and it is the right one.

It was the right verdict and it was the only verdict and I hope Derek Chauvin gets the rest of his life locked away, but what it didn’t need is for some Democrat threatening violence on the streets if the verdict did not go the way they wanted. The Law and Politics are two separateContinue reading “The Verdict is in….and it is the right one.”

The Democrats are planning a Dictatorship…..

By fiddling the vote and giving illegals a right to vote. No wonder he is massing them on the border….and how insulting to those who apply for residency legally…the hoops they have to jump through is monumental. They just need to get themselves to the Mexican border by the looks of things and save theContinue reading “The Democrats are planning a Dictatorship…..”

Out of her depth…

Seems the Vice President Kamala Harris HAS STILL NOT BEEN TO THE BORDER. She has nothing to offer and no solutions to the overworked ICE staff, and the poor immigrants who find themselves locked up . Oh am I bad….she did offer something….LAUGHTER. She found it hilarious to be asked…and then promptly spent the nextContinue reading “Out of her depth…”

This is a humanitarian crisis….and Biden is causing it….Harris is laughing!

When I first saw the video of a young boy of 10 crying on the Texas border my heart went out to him. How could it have ended up that a small boy had been left alone all night and wondering in a desert. This little boy was so scared that he actually approached aContinue reading “This is a humanitarian crisis….and Biden is causing it….Harris is laughing!”