12 Years of austerity has resulted in a recession and a harsher austerity.

I have had many a long discussion with my son about how I would not be voting Labour in the next election as this country could always trust a Conservative Government, and today I actually had to tell him that I had nothing for him and that I can finally admit that the last 12 years of austerity and where people have continually been told that we have to tighten our belts has resulted in a flat lining of our economy, and that it is under the Conservatives watch and nobody else’s. They need to own this, and they need to own bankrupting our country.

Billions of pounds of taxes again and again and yet the useless track and trace cost £37 billion yet nobody has tried to recoup the money for a failed vanity piece, the whole sale overpricing of the PPE contracts because somebody knew somebody who was an MP which resulted in some of the items not being fit for use….to the tune of millions, and then a Guardian news piece today where they highlighted that this Government has spent £14 billion pounds on niceties such as villas, vegan food and all the things they think they can get away with without the taxpayer noticing.

Then there is the useless HS2 which is a white expensive elephant before it starts. It will cost over £100 billion and that is growing. I think the last time I looked it would shave off 27 minutes on a journey to London from my area. If you need to get to London for an appointment, might I suggest the day before or get an early train?? Why should the taxpayer have to pay for something that again the friends of friends are running and where the money could be used elsewhere…. say for the NHS, Education, Defence or housebuilding? Austerity means we do not have the money for an indulgence plaything for others.

When is this Government going to actually put the people first and cancel the HS2 and claw money back from that pitifully run app, and then start sending out the bills to those who have had their hands in the taxpayers ATM.

Then there is the possibility that according to the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) that the Government from March will put up the price of fuel both Diesel and Petrol by 12p a litre. That will take it to over £2 a litre…where does it stop? The Government has stated that it is too early to discuss which is code for yep it will happen as they will get an extra £6 billion from this. With all this rise in fuel etc what the hell is this Government doing with our money? Squandering it by the looks of things and the books.

Council tax up by 5% which all I can see is going to give Warrington Borough Council more money to squander and move us closer to the £2 billion debt they will saddle this town with, and then the cost of heating, lighting etc is going up. It is a nightmare that is not stopping.

I am not a financial expert but even I know that if you continually tax the people then the money that they have in their pockets gets a lot less, and then that knock on effect will result in the same people having no money to spend on the high street. The result will be even more of a recession, and no one seems to have grasped this. It is always a case of let’s see how much we can squeeze from the public, yet it never seems to affect the very people who make the decision.

The back benchers are already gathering their grumblings and if as expected the grumblings will grow larger when they realise that their seats are at risk, then we can expect a leadership challenge or the very least the Chancellor is thrown out on his ear as this is going from bad to worse. I mean we are talking about the man who left the NHS is dire straits and then Sunak gives him the Chancellors job….all because he was his chum in the leadership battle. An idea for Rishi…how about getting someone in who will deal with the mess you made during Covid where you handed out billions without even doing due diligence.

If this happens then there needs to be a General Election, infact there needs to be one now and let the cards fall where they may. If it means that Labour gets in or there is a coalition with the Lib Dems then that is the will of the country, but we currently have a PM voted in by just over 200 MPs and this cannot carry on as he and the current Government will bankrupt this country to the point of no return.

If Rishi firmly believes that he and the Chancellor are doing the right thing then put it to the country and let them stand by their beliefs and see what we think, as all I know is that the working class and now the middle class of this country can no longer afford to indulge the Conservative Party, nor their merry dance of who sits in the PMs seat.

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