Never in the field of British History was so much squandered by so few….

The more I see of the Conservative party in power, the more I become convinced that it is time they were voted out and I was one of the millions who voted them in, but they are past its sell by date and are now a dying party clutching at our pensions as straws and we cannot afford their solution.

Kwasi Kwarteng – The Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It seems the only ones to benefit from the new mini budget is the city bankers who are already on an obscene amount of money, but now thanks to Liz and Kwasi they can now earn unlimited amounts and with the excuse that they will bring in more financial interests. It will also mean that these people will take risks with our money as there is only one winner as far as they are concerned and that is them.

Banks thanks to this new disastrous mini budget have stopped new mortgage applications and people are now having to put their own houses up for sale due to being unable to afford the rates now, and Banks and mortgage holders know that the only trend mortgages are going to hit is that they will be going up, and in some cases actually cause people to lose their houses. It seems we have stepped back to the 80s as I can remember interest rates of some 15%. This now means that some people cannot even get a toe on the property ladder never mind a foot. It must be truly heartbreaking when you are constantly saving, and the goalposts keep being moved.

Mr Points of Sue and I know that we are luckier than most as we don’t have a mortgage but what about those who do? What help is going to be given to them as councils won’t be able to house the influx of people losing their houses, and the hotels will be too full of the illegal immigrants that are tipping up on our shores! We will see on our streets something that is common in America and that is whole families sleeping rough with nowhere to go and no help being offered.

With the cost of living rising on a daily basis, and the fuel prices at the pumps not coming down (someone is profiteering from that), and then the blackmailing of our home heating bills this is definitely not a perfect storm and is in-fact a storm made of really poor management within Government, and it is going to get worse as we have a PM and a Chancellor who have no idea what they are doing, and no matter how much she tries to convince herself…..Liz Truss is no Margaret Thatcher. It seems the only true winners are those who are already very wealthy and who will no doubt get even more wealth thrown at them.

The only way this country is going to recover is if we have a General Election. What is happening is sadly because you have a party that has been in power too long. We saw it under Labour with Blair, and we are seeing it again.

Maybe it is time we had proportional representation in our parliamentary elections as with only mainly having 2 large parties a government is open to corruption, sleaze, mishandling of our economy and what we see today…. ministers out of their depth.

I have decided that I will not be voting in the 2024 election or earlier because if the Tories try to remove Truss, she will cause a General Election and I am hoping that it is a coalition that gets in as this monopoly by one party is destroying our country.

I will not vote as on a personal note I don’t trust any of them to run this country. There seems to be very few people who are actually worthy of sitting in the houses of parliament and the way I feel about what is on offer is not worth the 600 metres to the voting place for me, as not one of them and yes I know the Conservative MP and the labour candidate (who would rather be anywhere else except being the labour councillor for this area) will just feather their own nest, and I just feel that they do not deserve the time it takes to walk and put a tick in the box. I honestly feel that way and no doubt the next lot we vote in will be even worse than this lot.

If you are thinking of voting whenever the election is called do so with care as we could end up with another useless Government with untold power to do what they want, and the leader of that could be Starmer and they will just spend, spend, spend and put us more into debt and the national services such as the NHS, Defence and Schooling will suffer.

Never in the field of British history has so much been squandered by so few resulting in the collapse of the pound, and instead of coming up with a solution the opposition just gripe, bitch and moan. I would be more interested if they actually had something to offer but no doubt when Labour is in power, the Conservatives will be the same. All hot air and nothing else. Maybe we should harness the empty hot wind of MPs as that would keep Britain ticking over for a very long time.

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