It’s a no from me.

The National Museum of Wales is literally showing garbage whilst trying to cover up beautiful paintings that have meaning, colour, depth and where you could have marvelled at the way the artist created such magnificence in theur paibying, a painting that is enjoyed through the ages, but instead of that there is a pile of cupboard boxes taken from bin bags and literally strewn around. Shame on them as this is not art.

They are also for their woke ideologies trying to erase our history having taken advice from, and working with the SSAP the Sub Saharan African Population Organisation. Wonder how many people in Africa even know about Wales?

What the SSAP or cardboard garbage has to do with Wales and our glorious UK history is beyond me, I don’t even think the leftoids know but hey it looks good for their wokeness, and their nothing more irritating than a sanctimonious leftie trying to indoctrine their ideas on others.

Dear Lord give me patience to tolerate the stupid people as there are so many lately….

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