Corruption from beginning to end….

This witch hunt by the FBI and allowed by a Judge who contributed to Obamas campaign, and every one else who ran again Trump in 2016, this Judge also has links to paedophile Jeffrey absolutely stinks.

When it’s corrupt it’s corrupt and this my friends is corruption of the highest degree. I hope the Republican house summons this Judge to explain himself, and with the threat of a jail sentence, hopefully he will get an up close and personal view of it for years.

This is akin to Nazi Germany, and all they are doing is trying to stop Trump 2024.

They are terrified of Trump winning against that senile old child botherer, and the freaks and weirdos who hold Government posts. They are terrified their corruption will be laid bare for the American public to see.

I hope all those who are walking over civil rights and politicising the FBI, have a really squeaky clean life as you opened the door and a whirlwind is coming for you, and that whirlwind is Donald John Trump and the millions who support him

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