The US Democratic Party are now the new Nazi Party…..

The FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last night on the false charge of him taking documents from the Whitehouse when he was the 45th President of the United States of America. It can only be assumed that the bias kangaroo court for the 6th January hearings are going badly, and now they are doing a fishing expedition with this raid. This is nothing more than the Attorney General using the FBI for the purposes of the Democratic Party. aka the New American Nazi party. After all when this senate hearing does not allow people to respond to the lies being told….then you know they are desperate to stop him.

Amazing how CNN were there….someone is complicit with this crime and there needs to be names now.

They must be that scared of Donald Trump and know that if he runs they lose and this is what drives their illegal activities. This administration is corrupt and that corruption is from the top down. Merrick Garland had to sign this off and of course it is a given that they will say before a congressional meeting that they cannot discuss it, and no explanation will be given. I hope when Donald Trump becomes President he goes after the whole corrupt administration to teach them a lesson.

Lets call this what it is….total corruption from top to bottom.

America has a decrepit President whose own son has not been investigated for his laptop. Hunter Biden falsified his application for a gun as crack addicts cannot have one. He trafficked prostitutes across state lines and that is illegal. He has dodgy business dealings with China and the Ukraine, and lets not forget the 10% for the big guy…Joe Biden.

Also, Hunter went on Air Force 2 with the big guy to countries to hustle for business, and getting a job in Ukraine for a gas and oil company for which he had no experience resulted in the big guy threatening to withhold billions until Ukraine sacked the prosecutor who was investigating Biden Jr. All corrupt and what happens to the chosen one…nothing.

Biden gets his 10% for Jr’s corrupt dealings and nothing happens. Lets not forget this is the man who gave a eulogy at a KKK leaders funeral. What happens nothing. The big guy has made millions from corruption and yet nothing.

Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul…made millions from dodgy business deals. Infact Pelosi Jr is under investigation for a company he was involved in that took millions from the elderly in what is being described as a scam. He is under 5 investigations and yet no raid there. He invests in Lithium and the Far East is where the business is and just by chance Nancy Pelosi took herself off to the Far East with Jr to meet and make money, yet funnily enough there is nothing on the official record of Jr being there. Corruption in its full flow.

The Homeland Secretary Myorkas is too busy putting the FBI on mum’s and dad’s at school board meetings rather than tackle the hundreds of terrorists that have come through the Southern Border. Guess its easier for them to attack those who have a home, pay taxes and work as they know where they are rather than hunt the terrorists they let in.

The Biden/Harris Administration are walking over the rights of parents when they have decided that you as a parent should have no say in the perverse antics of teaching your children about sex from the age of 5. Its immoral and kids should be left to be kids.

Lets not forget Hillary Clinton and her 33 thousand messages she deleted before the investigation into her, sending emails from her own server and the dodgy dealings she got involved with. Her mishandling of Benghazi resulting in the deaths of the Ambassador and security guards. Yet…nothing has come from this.

This is a witch hunt against President Trump and smacks of desperation and I hope when he becomes the President again that he goes after all of them. The Biden/Harris administration are the natural successors of the Nazi Party as Hitler and his mob terrorised people who would prevent them from taking full power during the 30s and we know the result of that, and this is what the Democrats are trying to do…..

I hope that the Republican Party when it takes back control of both houses impeach all of them as the corruption runs deep within the Democratic party, and this has to stop. They have already economically trashed the USA and people cannot stand much more of this party….

The United States of American and its people can look on knowing that they now have so much in common with North Korea and China, as they go after people on false charges to secure power and who would of thought that such corruption would run so deep but then when you realise that the powers to be covered up Biden Jr with the collusion of Mainstream Media, then what else would they get up to.

I would suggest to Americans that you get a good lawyer on speed dial because you could be next as lets face it you have a rotten corrupt President, a rotten corrupt administration, a rotten corrupt government and a rotten corrupt FBI and if you vote Republican then they are coming for you and that is not scaremongering….they will find a way to prevent Republicans from voting and your rights don’t matter.

Vote Republican in the 2022 mid terms and for Trump in 2024 as that is the only way honesty can be restored in the American government, as lets face it a mean tweet is not corrupt and never forget that under Trump Americans had more money in their pocket and a booming economy, and that the Democratic party are willing to abuse their power on anyone to stop Trump and the economic recovery of the United States of America.

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