The Deep State of America….

The Democrats will find one-way or another to stop Donald Trump…..he must get extra security as they will try everything to get rid, and to stop him running.

The Democrats are in the dying throws of their new world order…having only lasted 20 months, and they have nothing to lose by Operation Get Trump, and if they need an expert at getting rid of political enemies or people who stand in their way…ask Hillary Clinton for advice. She has left a trail of misery a mile long.

President Trump now needs extra security as there are nut jobs and wakkos who want to hurt him, and they will of course be encouraged by this most corrupt and deadly administration, who with the help of the corrupt DAs will facilitate it by telling people they won’t be arrested…..after all what’s murder when you want to be woke?

An example of this corruption is that the American constitution forbids demonstrating outside a Supreme Court Judges House, yet this did happen and Bidens Administration did nothing even when the Judge was threatened with physical harm and his family too. If they are not Democrats they are the enemy, and that senile child botherer is not running America, its someone else and they are staying in the shadows whilst America burns!! It is a Dictatorship where the leader is unknown.

As stated in a previous post this Administration is straight out of the Nazi book 101, as they terrorised opponents too….

If you don’t believe me…just think back to the handover of Afghanistan when Biden closed the book on those left stranded. He did so knowing they will be murdered but they got in the Administrations way of creating a narrative, and like Trump caused them a headache… and look what happened to them!

The Biden Administration even gave the name of a Senator to the Taliban who had gone in to rescue people, and giving full details of everyone involved in the rescue. Biden and his corrupt government were hoping and praying these people did not get out… but they did.

People, laws and freedoms are expendable to the Democrats. They want to abuse your children’s minds, they want to cause abuse to your children’s young bodies by telling them they are misgendered. They allow all sorts of perverts near your children yet they want to deny your right as a parent, and even threaten parents who disagree with their ideology with jail time or the removal of your child.

They have denied your right as a parent to have any say if your child thinks at 12 they are in the wrong body, and facilitate it because of all the weirdos in this Administration. A 12 year old child cannot make that decision, and as a parent you know whats best…. but not with this Administration of freaks and weirdos. Your right comes last and it is no wonder the suicide rate is climbing with young people…the lunatics are running the country.

They want you to suffer financially, mentally and to let the criminals run riot thanks to the Soros backed DAs who are best of chums with murderers, abusers, gangs, rapists paedophiles and thieves, and yet these same DAs hate the police and law abiding citizens because they want to be woke, yet you get the privilege of paying for the security they deny you.

It would be interesting to follow the money trails there with these people!!… So it is not a big leap to know that Donald Trump is now in danger!!!

This is just the continuation of abuse being facilitated by the Nazi Administration running America.

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