Saying goodbye to our wonderful furry friend…

For the last 6 months we were visited daily by an old furry man of 17 years. My granddaughter and I were instantly smitten with him.

He turned up daily for a rest, cuddles and snacks during the day and he was carried home in the early evening. He had health issues but his parents totally loved him and he looked so content in his mums arms when handed over, and they knew he had taken to coming along the fence to ours but we didn’t mind as we had grown to love him too.

Sadly his health gave out and it has been two weeks since we last saw him, and everyday I still catch myself looking out for him despite knowing he has gone.

Crazy how these little fur balls get into your heart.

6 months of carrying him home, fussing over him and making sure he is comfortable has now stopped, and we are just left wishing to be able to do it once more….but knowing that’s not possible.

Goodnight my little friend and thank you for sharing those precious months with you…..

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