I agree with Mr DeSantis….

To teach sex and sexuality to such young minds is akin to child abuse. It can and will damage their precious little minds. It is wrong and it needs to be stopped. and those who actively peddle this woke garbage have something really odd and frightening about them, and maybe their skeletons need to be looked into.

Let them be children for as long as possible as god knows when they hit the years of teenagers and then adulthood….they will soon realise that life is not the woke bubble their teachers made it, and the majority in the world don’t give one fig for woke ideology and hurt fees fees, and the poor parents will have to put their little darlings into therapy because of the abuse placed on them at such an early age.

It is wrong on every level. Just let them dream of being super heroes, Doctors, soldiers and princesses rather than heaping the abuse of gender ideology and sexuality on them, and well done for Mr DeSantis for standing up and caring for the children.

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