President Biden blaming others for his mismanagement of the economy…

When will Americans realise that you have elected the worst President in your history. He is responsible for the rising gas prices after all shutting down the Keystone Platform on day one and throwing 25,000 workers out of job would have a knock on effect, and when he took over from Donald Trump who had actually taken America to fuel independence…he has thrown it all away and now America is now having to beg UAE and others to produce more oil. What on earth has done to the United States of America?

Food prices are up 40%, fuel prices are climbing higher and people are struggling with rising rent costs, rising mortgage costs and where parents cannot get formula, where they have put the FBI on mums and dads who don’t want racism taught to their kids, crime is climbing higher and higher and where the border has failed.

True to form this President and his failed administration blame others. He and his VP Kamala Harris are failures and worst of all they have failed the people of the United States of America and they have made your once proud nation look weak on the world stage. You can only look as strong as your leaders and your leaders have someone who needs a cheat sheet telling him to even sit down, and the second in command who comes out with her Waldorf Salad words before breaking down in laughter and hysterics. To the rest of the world your country looks vacant most of the time, and when not vacant in mass hysterics with laughter. Is that really want you want to show to the world?

Time to vote Republican in the 2022 elections and take back control or America will not recover for years, and your children will have to suffer from their mismanagement.

As Jeff Bezos states…

On a lighter note….

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