For all those struggling…

To answer what is a woman….

I am a woman…I was born with a vagina, ovaries, I menstruated every month, I gave birth 3 times (not my husband…but ME), I breastfeed and I went through the menopause. All naturally as per my biology……I was not born with a penis and my agenda wasn’t assigned to me at birth!!! I was born a female and my children’s weren’t assigned theirs as from the moment they were here I knew what they were, so did my midwife and my husband……I gave birth to ONE FEMALE AND TWO MALES…

I understand that sadly some biological women cannot give birth due to a medical condition, and that those who do give birth sometimes struggle with breastfeeding, but it does not take away the fact they are women… biological and have always been female.

When are women in power going to stand up and demand that the leftist society stop demeaning what we are? I have no problem with trans people but my biological identity should not disappear for such a tiny minority.

I can imagine being born in the wrong body is awful, and if you want to live as a member of the opposite sex then I will support your right….as everyone has a right to be happy, but why is it that my rights to be recognised as a biological woman are fastly eroding?

You cannot just delete one biological sex for an ideology and to try to do so is immoral and needs to stop, and again if a Doctor or a Judge can’t tell you what a woman is…they shouldn’t be in that job.

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