Dear NHS….stop being anti White.

There is a blog from the NHS Leadership Academy aimed at White people, and when you listen to it….it is nothing more than crappy virtual signalling taken from the disgraced Critical Race Theory ideology.

You know the critical race theory diarrhoea that happens everytime someone’s dim light comes on, and who needs that oh look at me I need praise for doing so little, however what they don’t or can’t realise is that the majority of Great Britain is so bored with this now. I got bored a long time ago….as it never occurs to these dim individuals we are not racist. If we were….why is it so many are trying to get in illegally???

You need to find the individual another bandwagon to jump on….this one was so yesterday……

Can the NHS get back to doing what it should do…..helping people, and whoever the jackass is who wrote it… fire them for bringing the NHS into disrepute.

Racism should have no platform whatsoever in the NHS and that includes against White people and WOMEN.., and shame on the leadership for their crappy virtual signalling.

By the way….just for clarity it is biological women who breastfeed, biological women who have ovaries, biological women who give birth, biological women who menstruate and biological women who have the menopause. Now that was not difficult was it!! Not sure why the NHS which is full of Doctors find it so hard to accept.

If a Doctor can’t tell you what a woman is .. they are not a Doctor and ask to see a real one.

Maybe if the NHS stopped with the virtual signalling garbage they might actually get the tasks in hand done, you know saving lives as the taxpayers expect and pay for as I know one job that is expendable, the one who wrote the the NHS blog and just for them…I love my white skin, and I love being a biological woman and no doubt when they read it, they will need a lie down for their hurt fee fees.

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