Peddlers of untruths before Congress tend to end up in Jail…

Cassidy Hutchinson needs to ask herself was all the untruths spouted yesterday about Donald Trump really worth it?

She will be dropped quicker than Hunters laptop at the repair shop, and she and she alone will be prosecuted for her testimony and Liz Cheney who hugged her afterwards will be too busy protecting her own career, and won’t care one jot for a young woman who is being untruthful. She knows the penalties.

If I was Ms Hutchinson I would tell the truth and save my skin, as she like so many before her….are expendable and Trump won’t come to her aid if she keeps up these untruths.

To use lies, hearsay and known untruths as a spectacle in Congress is shocking, and goes to show how desperate some politicians are. This is akin to North Korea but then we are talking the Democratic party with 2 turncoats supporting them.

When the Republicans win both houses in November I see impeachment and jail terms for Biden, Biden Jr, Harris, Myorkis, Schiff and Cheney and Pelosi. Impeach them and the whole rotten deck will fall. I also see a jail cell for Ms Hutchinson and all because she didn’t get the job she wanted….

The blame game will be epic…Time to grab the popcorn and diet coke….

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